Honestly, who doesn’t watch the NYC Marathon and think “sign. me. up.”

I swear, 3/4 of race entries are either endorphin fueled or race-envy spectator fueled. At least, that’s how I sign up for most of my races.


Or peer pressured into by friends. I usually do most of the peer pressuring. 

I contemplated signing up for the LA marathon today. But, then I was like “let’s just make sure we get to January healthy and then sign up.” I’ve got 99 problems and my IT band, back, and hip are certainly 3 of them.

The one thing I forgot about is how hungry you get when you start upping your mileage. I’ve been at a pretty consistent 15-20 miles per week over the past 5 years (but, also, with a lot of exercise classes thrown in). Since moving to LA, I’ve exercised a lot less and adopted a more sedentary lifestyle since we drive everywhere here rather than walk. Your hunger level adjusts.

And, then you start running more.

And, you get very hungry.


From a prior marathon training block. Also, what nail polish color is this? Big fan of whatever I chose back then (thinking Essie Recessionista)

Yesterday, all I wanted was a pancake. More than anything. And not a healthy banana-egg pancake (I make those all the time). I wanted this giant, very thick, very delicious pancake from Superba bread.

Of course, I got it. I also put butter on it because Shalane Flanagan basically wrote that butter was a health food in her book. I’m on board with that. Plus, there is a lot of research out there about fat…and butter has anti-oxidants!…and I think I read its good for your brain or something! I know this last sentence is grammatically incorrect!


Need any more reason to sign up for a marathon? (4:09 was my first marathon)


Anyways, I ran 36 miles this week, which included one fartlek workout and one long run. And, one, very satisfying giant pancake.

Signing off because the sun is going down even thought is 3:45 pm. Daylight savings time. Why do we do this?



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