First Miles Repeats Since 2015 (I Think)

Hello, friends!

I swore I would write on here more about training, but then things like life got in the way. My blog is extremely low on my priority list (even if I do enjoy writing here very much).

The questionnaire

The never ending life checklist!

I bit the bullet before January and signed up for the LA Marathon so I guess we’re doing this thing.


The last marathon starting line I stood on (NYC 2013)

For the first few weeks of training, I was seriously doubting if this would happen. It seemed like EVERY run was hard, and I wondered if it was age, a new dire undiagnosed illness, still tired from residency, or a combination. With my sleep needs (I need a 8-10 hours a night), I do think it’ll take me years to recoup the sleep deprivation of residency.


Residency! I’ve never been so tired, yet so efficient with my time.

And, then…then! Something magically changed. Christmas came early and running started to feel easy some days.


It’s not fitness, yet, but maybe it’s the start of something. Or, maybe it’s the dark chocolate covered peppermint cremes I bought at Trader Joe’s.

I did a workout today – mile repeats. I think the last time I did mile repeats was 2015! I did 4 x 1 mile with one minute rest. Why does one minute feel so long when running hard, yet so short when it’s your break? The mysteries of life.


The good ol’ East River track days….

My running downfalls are that I’m not the best at pacing nor am I good at keeping recoveries to the prescribed time. But, I did it! And, I think that’s what mostly matters.

Final thoughts on the workout? It was a great reminder that running is mostly mental. When things started to get a wee bit challenging, I could feel my breathing get quicker and feel a little anxious. What helped? Tough love from myself – “stop whining, it’s just running” plus a few deep breaths and hard didn’t feel so hard anymore.


What I felt like doing when I was done, but, instead, I had to work. 

On times – I’m not posting them regularly (aside from maybe a race or two) because it’s not why I’m doing this marathon. Sure, I want to do the best I can do for myself at this point in my life, but it doesn’t have much to do with how fast or slow I used to run or how fast you can run!


First “race” with my Erika, who started this whole running thing for me. 

I’m adopting a “no judgements” training philosophy – you do the work, take what you get, and build from there.


I just like this photo a lot. 

There’s enough stress in the world right now (Trump Season 2 is killing me…oh, wait, it’s real life!), and mile splits can’t be super high on my priority list. Don’t get me wrong – it’s fun to challenge myself and try to run faster than I did the week before. But, I’m just not in a place right now to beat myself up over something I’m doing for my own enjoyment.

It’s the millennial in me – I’m really just here for the participation trophy. 🙂

[PS: If there is anything you do want to know about my training/running, which is highly unlikely, feel free to comment!]



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