Finding My Running Legs (Again)

Hello, friends!

Remember when people used to have blogs about running and they wrote on them about said running?


Back when we both had long hair!


In the age of insta-story and microblogging on Instagram, it seems sort of superfluous to keep a blog.

But, back in the olden days (you know, the 2009-2012 glory days of blogging), I did enjoy writing on here about running. And, honestly, I made some really good friends through the running-blogging world. Legit how I met my best friend.


#TBT (Also, those were my FAVE running shoes ever – NB 890s)

So, why not start it back up? What’s old can be new again, right?

To start, I’m delving back into the marathon (I mean, as long as my body holds up). I’ve been saying I want to run the LA Marathon while I live out here, so no time like the present, right?

It will have been 5.5 years (WHAT?!?) since my last marathon (NYC 2013) when I run this one, so, it feels fresh and new again, which is exciting.


The last marathon I ran – NYC 2013 with Gia!

Of course, I’d LOVE to just “pick up where I left off” in terms of pace/time/mileage, but after four years in the trenches of residency and one additional year of fellowship with fairly low mileage, that’s just not being fair to myself. At best, over the past 5 years, I’ve been doing 15-20 miles, sometimes a little more, and sometimes a LOT less (like zero, see: calf tear 2017). And, I’ve picked up some new exercise hobbies since that time – weight lifting, spin, and, most importantly, dog-momming.


Remember the booking binder from 3rd year residency days?

So, I want to be fair to myself, realistic, and set myself up for enjoyment and success (which, for me, is enJOYment of running). Running has to give back to me if I’m going to put a lot of time into it.


Philly Half 2016 with my residency spirit animal, Annie!

I’m hoping for a sub-4 hour marathon. I think, at this point, being “new” to the distance again, that’s a good start for me, kind of in the range of what I was able to do before, but not like the BQs I used to hope for.

[For reference, my marathon times from 2010-2013 were – 4:09, 3:48, 4:05, 3:42, 3:34, 3:55].

I’m running a half tomorrow. I’m using it as a “kick off” for LA marathon training.

I have no idea what I will run. I only really run with a watch these days because I want to close those rings on the Apple Watch. Otherwise, I’d probably go without.

Anyways, here goes nothing!

[Also, the world is insane and I think we should institute mandatory American exercise time so people would be happier and maybe stop shooting people and doing other awful things.]




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