Rock And Roll Los Angeles Half

Costumes! Hills! Participation!

These would be the exclamations to put as an Instagram caption for this race.

In the effort of “bringing it back,” to the glory running blogging days, I’m doing a “race recap.” If details of the everyday runner’s half marathon pursuits bore you, then I’d stop here.

I think race recaps usually started with like what you did the day before and such. Right?


This is what I ate the morning of the race. As I have done for the last 6 or 7 years. Or whenever it is they started making these. These are the original labels. THROWBACK!!!

My weekend consisted of the Dodgers game, college football, studying (boards, woof), and forcing my dogs to wear a holiday sweater and scarf on a Christmas tree farm in 75 degree California weather BECAUSE WE’RE GOING TO PRETEND ITS WINTER FOR A HOLIDAY CARD PHOTO OR ELSE. I, too, was wearing a sweater in solidarity with my dogs.


Deep inside of me, there must be a tiger dance mom. 

The race started as 6:15 and I left my house at 5:45. Perks of living near the start. That was 90% of why I did this race. And, you know, the love of running and all that jazz. But, mostly, living near the start.

In terms of goals…

Look, I don’t care about running finish times as much as I used to and I don’t shoot as high (read: fast) as I used to, but there is no way if you have even a smidgen of competitiveness in your body that you can’t not make some little goal for yourself.


Wow. I was really into this back in the day. Or had a lot of time. Probably both. Circa 2012

Ok, in terms of goals…

I wanted to finish under 2 hours.


#tbt 4th year Med School. Where I put my life into neat, color coded boxes.

If things went well, I wanted to finish under 1:55.

I wasn’t so sure where my fitness was at, so I was sort of using this as a starting point.

I did, indeed, wear a watch, mostly out of curiosity for later. I looked at it, but I certainly didn’t think much about each split.

Things went downhill, then uphill, the downhill again. And, it was on the downhill stretches between miles 5-8 that I realized mile 9-12 would be uphill.


I probably could’ve used some of that go-go juice

And, that’s when I was like “oh man, that’s unfortunate timing for an uphill stretch in a half marathon.”

I was a little nervous on 5-8 as I was dreading the uphill climb (cue: Miley Cyrus) back.

I think I worried more about not being able to make it up the hill (honestly – what kind of crazy talk was I thinking? Did I momentarily forget that walking was an option?) I don’t have a huge amount of confidence in my speed/strength right now, and I shouldn’t because its not like I’ve been putting the nose to the grindstone running-wise. So, I got a little in my head about things. And, by things, I mean pain in my legs. Which, honestly, this is running, what did I think was going to happen?


Even run posing is hard. But, someone has to do it, right? If not, what would Instagram be?

And, yes, I will 100% admit that I am HUGE baby when it comes to hills. Like running is already hard enough, why do we have to make it harder?

You know things are more mental when you get to mile 13 and are able to speed up (to be fair, it was downhill) and feel “great!”


Thankfully, felt better at the end of this half than I did at the end of this 24 hour shift. 

In the end, I finished in 1:56:10. There was a little bathroom stop around mile 7 so I think without that I may have finished under 1:55. But, the clock doesn’t count bathroom stops, now does it?

The biggest victory is that I finished and nothing feels hurt/injured. So, we’re marking this one as a “win.”

Now, onto marathon training! (Famous last words)

[PS: If you’re enjoying these or have anything to say – I’d love to hear it!]

9 thoughts on “Rock And Roll Los Angeles Half

  1. I’m not sure that I remember when I started following this blog (several years ago at this point); however, I’m pretty sure that it was based upon a recommended follow on twitter. I have enjoyed the variety of different topics that you post about, but the running posts always tend to hit home for me the most as I am also a marathon runner..although now more of a weekend warrior. I can definitely connect with the former athlete trying to adjust to a new normal of adjusted performance expectations. Good luck with the marathon training!!

  2. Several years ago, I ran this race, so it was fun reading your recap! All I recall from my race day is that the porta potty lines were crazy long, and I was still 10+ people away from them with minutes before the start. However, the porta potties were starting to run out of TP, and because I always carry tissue on race days (once a girl scout…always prepared LOL), I managed to scoot to the front of the line and make it to the start area with seconds to spare. There’s nothing like a little porta potty-adventure-induced adrenaline to start off a race 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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