Can You Hear Me Now?

Yes, I do have Verizon as my phone service.

And, oddly, there are surprising amount of dropped calls in DTLA.

What gives, Verizon?

Anyways, I got some email notification that my “WordPress domain” renewed. And, since I pay $24 a year (or something) to keep all of my banalities about running on the internet for posterity’s sake, I figured I should come back and write here.

Unclear if anyone still reads this, or blogs in general, but here goes nothing.

I got a dog. A rescue, as one does in LA. I swear everyone in LA has a rescue dog and if you have a purebred, you’re probably going to lie about it at the dog park.

Her name is Magnolia (full name: Magnolia Baxter Smith, so we can share initials, sorry I’m not sorry) and she was found in a horrid state. She was matted, with a massive hernia, a mammary tumor, and severely neglected. She snapped at anyone who came close to her and needed to be put on anxiety medication.

The first week I had her, she wouldn’t let me touch her back (only her head) and would show her teeth at me often.

Now, she is the best little love and would want nothing more than for me to rub her belly ALL DAY (and go on walks, she loves to go on walks). She likes avocado, peanut butter, exercise, and toys. She really likes her NYC pigeon toy, which makes me think she would like NYC, as I do.

I have become the full blown dog mom that I never thought I would be. I researched “dog puzzles” the other night as I think she’d like the intellectual stimulation. Dog puzzles. Think about that for a minute.

Magnolia has restored my faith in humanity.

Moral of story: get yourself a rescue dog.

Switching topics, I used to write here a lot about running. That is because I ran a lot. Now, I do not run a lot. I ran 18 miles last week, which used to be the length of my long runs. My, how times have changed.

I keep running, but it keeps being hard. Yet, I’m stubborn, so I keep lacing up the shoes several days a week. It is a vicious cycle.

If I was going to continue on this running endeavor, I told myself to give it “a few weeks of consistency” for running to feel good again. And, if it didn’t, I was going to take a break. And, lo and behold, consistency works, people!

A ran 6 miles yesterday and it didn’t feel like a death march. In fact, it was all under a 9 min per mile pace, which is something I haven’t seen in a long time. [Pats self on back]

Finally, did anyone watch Homeland this season and find it a little too close to reality? Russian interference in the US government? Aren’t we tortured by this enough? (Although, I did really love this season).

If you read this, thank you! I’m going to try to write more here (and if there is anything you’d like to hear about, let me know).


3 thoughts on “Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Glad to see you writing again…(I was using those . . . ‘S before Trump although I am sure he invented them…know your schedule is busy,but if there is anything—some breakthrough in medicine pass it along…

  2. Nc seems to have the same culture about rescues (at least here in Winston). I’m also trying to get back into running and will like sign up for the great Smokey half!

  3. Yep; I can hear you! I used to run and blog more, and now I mostly run enough to keep me happy and blog enough to not forget how. I appreciate those rare running & life blogs that are small, informal and not trying to sell too much crap. Most of my favorites have quit writing, and I also don’t spend as much time reading. But I hope you’ll keep writing. Dogs are the best; happy for you! We have two adopted dogs — one was a lost stray and the other gotten for free from a breeder (as an adult) because she was a puppy nobody wanted.

    As a (relatively) new mom and a science nerd I like the inside views you share about medicine.

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