On Mother’s Day, Dog Mom-ing, Participatory Races, and the Emotional Impact of “E.T.”

Happy Mother’s Day to MY WONDERFUL MOTHER (love you!) and all my wonderful mom friends (fur moms included!) out there.

However, as wonderful as this day is, let’s not forget those who longed to be mothers, those who lost their mothers, those who have strained relationships, and those who mothers who lost their lives trying to become one.

Wait, did you just say lost their lives? Like they died in pregnancy, during childbirth, or post partum?


It is a grave, but true fact that mothers and babies are still dying (or coming close) in during pregnancy, childbirth, or from post partum complications. In fact, more women die in pregnancy and childbirth in the United States than in any other developed country. For black women, the statistics are even worse and YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST TO UNDERSTAND HOW TERRIBLE THIS ALL TRULY IS.

So, consider educating yourself and maybe donating to some excellent organizations that are working to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother (Every Mother Counts, Saving Mothers  to name a few). On the flip side, you could help someone become a mother by donating to someone like BabyQuest Grants or RESOLVE.

Seeing people become mothers – in both the earliest stages of pregnancy and at delivery – is one of the most special, rewarding jobs I can think of. I do not take it for granted and I’m honored that I get to do it.

On another note, I have become the dog mom I said I would never be. I’m an actual nightmare, but I can’t help myself. I freak out over everything with this dog and have created visions of bowel obstructions, garlic poisoning, and malignant tumors for my dog. I am THAT parent.

Sweet Magnolia threw up for the first time (with me). It was a large volume emesis and, of course, rather than considering that perhaps she ate something weird or that I gave her too much peanut butter, I immediately thought that she must have a bowel obstruction. Or maybe I accidentally poisoned her! Or, even worse, she has cancer (obviously).

Just so I can redeem some of my dog mom dignity, Magnolia did have a massive hernia and a mammary tumor. While the mammary tumor pathology was benign, I thought, of course, the pathologist could’ve been wrong. And, given her hernia surgery, I was totally afraid that she might have adhesions and a small bowel obstruction or maybe even an incarcerated hernia. She also had diarrhea (TMI, sorry) and was acting very tired/lethargic so, naturally, I thought the situation was dire.

I rushed my sweet dog to the vet where she got herself a nice little exam, some IV fluids (actually they were subcutaneous, but you get the picture), some anti nausea meds, and an antacid. I’m now giving her a special bland diet, which I may or may not have tried to spoon feed her tonight, in an effort to get her to eat. Turns out, dogs don’t eat like babies. And Magnolia thinks her mom is nuts.

Long story short, if I ever have human children, I’m in trouble. (Also, Magnolia appears to be feeling a bit better, but still not 100%).

On a different note, I ran a race last week!

I did so without drinking coffee beforehand, which wasn’t the wisest idea, given that it is my life force and probably 2% of my total blood volume.

I don’t “race” races so much anymore, but I do find great value in participating.

You will ALWAYS fun faster (and possibly farther) than you would on your own even if you aren’t racing. It makes you get up and get out the door. And, in last week’s case, you got to start your Sunday morning with Jock Jams.

If tomorrow goes as planned, this will be my 2nd week in a row at just above 20 miles (21 for anyone who is counting). I’m patting myself on my back.

Finally, last night I saw “E.T.” (check out Rooftop Cinema Club if you live in LA, NYC, San Diego, London, or Miami!). I’ve seen the movie before (albeit, a long time ago), but I was not emotionally prepared for what that little alien would do to me. When ET healed Elliot’s finger, I cried. When ET phoned home the first time, I cried. When ET got sick, I cried. When ET went home, I cried. Basically, I was very emotionally distraught over ET. Has this happened to anyone else?

On one (serious and seriously) final note, yesterday I also watched an excellent Netflix documentary on palliative care called “End Game.” It was filmed at UCSF (an extremely well respected medical institution, if you’re not in medicine), and does a really great job at portraying all of these tough decisions patients and their families must make. It also highlights how palliative care and hospice can really help terminally ill patients make have the best quality of life for the time they have left. They also highlight the Zen Hospice Project and Zen Hospice Guest House, whose philosophy I am very intrigued by.

I’m going to try to read at least 25 books this summer. I’m almost done with “The Vacationers” by Emma Straub and think I will start “The Woman in Cabin 10” next. I am VERY excited for Emily Giffin’s new book, due out June 26th (long time fan of her books!)

That’s all I have for now. For those of you reading this. Which is likely very few. But, thank you for reading!

I know it is customary for “bloggers” to leave leading questions for readers to answer. I don’t feel like coming up with any, but if you do have any commentary on anything I have written about (infertility, childbirth, dogs, races that you aren’t racing, crying in movies, end of life discussions, your last book you read), I would sincerely like to hear about it!

Isn’t that what this is all about? Community, sharing, the pursuit of happiness?

Until next time…

One thought on “On Mother’s Day, Dog Mom-ing, Participatory Races, and the Emotional Impact of “E.T.”


    Man, I just really had to get that out. Pet illness is the worst. I went through a bout of that last summer and I felt so helpless and sad and worried. I’m glad Magnolia seems on the mend!

    I haven’t seen ET since I was very little and don’t even really remember the plot, but I do love outdoor movie opportunities. Chicago’s public movie in the park series starts back up in a few weeks; I’ll have to see if it’s on tap!

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