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Oiselle:  Oiselle is a small business based out of Seattle that is consistently at the forefront of running fashion, function, and fun. In addition, Oiselle seeks to change the landscape of professional running contracts and sponsorships. With three professional athletes signed (Kate Grace Lauren Fleshman, and Kara Goucher) and two as  business partners(Lauren Fleshman, Kara Goucher), Oiselle will surely create a new paradigm for what has previously been a constricted, seemingly stifling “independent contractor” milieu for professional runners and sponsorships.

Oiselle is stylish, smart, and savvy! Be sure to give their clothes and mission a look.



Picky Bars: Picky Bars is a Bend, OR based quirky, yet cool small business. The bars are all gluten and dairy free with some varieties also being vegan. I have no food allergies, but like these bars as they’re made from real food (mostly nut butters, dried fruit, and nuts) and keep my energy levels stable. I’ve been a loyal customer since October of 2010. As I like to remind everyone, I was their first online customer. I eat at least one bar a day (as part of breakfast, along with a green juice) and usually for a mid-afternoon snack. They’re also my go-to pre-race breakfast (one bar for most races, two before long races).


Believe I Am: Spearheaded by one of the nicest Irish runners you’ll ever meet, Roisin McGettigan, Believe I Am is another small business with a lot of heart based out of Providence, RI. I’d pick their training journal over my Garmin any day.


Nuun: One up your water with these fizzy tabs. I use nuun:active hydration to hydrate after long runs or in the summer. I love nuun: all day for, well, every day use! Mason, chief hydrator, is one of the most enthusiastic distance runners I’ve ever met and his pacing ability is second to none. Or should I say second to nuun.


Erica Sara Designs: Erica makes beautiful, custom pieces not only to commemorate a race or other running milestone, but also to motivate, to inspire, or just to look pretty. I have several custom pieces by Erica Sara Designs and hardly take them off.

My Erica Sara for Believe I Am "Strong" Necklace

My Erica Sara for Believe I Am “Strong” Necklace

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