Sometimes, its really hard to leave your “work brain.”

You know this is true, when your phone rings (for a food delivery AT YOU APARTMENT) and you answer, “labor!”

(FYI – when you’re on the labor floor, that’s how you answer the phone)


Can we also discuss something?

How many more shootings are we going to have until gun laws are changed?

Like how many dead people do they need to prove a point? This is terrible.

By the way, if I were to run for president, my platform would be four fold. It includes the following:

  1. Addressing untreated mental illness
  2. Exposing the sugar/food industry
  3. Improving access to birth control
  4. Mandatory exercise

It seems that a lot of shootings, violence, etc stem from undiagnosed mental illness. Schizophrenia. Depression. Anxiety. Bipolar disoder. Like I tell my patients, these entities are disease, just like diabetes, heart disease, or asthma. They’re derived from chemical imbalances in the brain and, likely, some other pathways we don’t fully understand, yet (although, its been a while since I did psych). The hardest parts of care for mental illness include improving access, removing stigmas from mental illness, and having patients both recognize and engage in his or her treatment.

Second, the sugar industry needs to be exposed like the tobacco industry was in the 1960s (or thereabouts). The amount of added sugar in our diets and the concomitant changes in physiology/biochemistry it astounding.

Third, birth control. Women need choices. You can use it if you want to or you don’t have to. But, you should have the right to have control over your body and when you want to reproduce. At least in my opinion. Women like control. Give it to them.

Mandatory exercise. I will say it 100 times — there is no problem in the world that you cannot solve in a 5 mile run. Listen, endorphins activate those opioid receptors, like heroin. Not that I’ve ever done heroin (nor want to), but I’ve exercised a lot. And, let me tell you, the activation of that little opioid receptor will bring you euphoria….once you get over the initial part of exercise being a little bit hard.

Do kids still do that Presidential physical fitness test? If I were president, I would bring that back. A real Presidential #tbt. Except I’d make everyone do it.

I mean, you liked that test, right? It was the HIGHLIGHT of gym class for me. I mean, not that I liked trying to show off my gymnastics at all. Never not me. (Jk, pull up day was my favorite – school record, people! Sit and reach – nailed. But the mile run? The mile runs was actually my Achilles heel.)

Or, Jump Rope For Life! I don’t know what we were jumping rope for, but let’s just bring that back, too. We’ll make everyone do all the stuff 90s kids did, minus the drinking Sunny-D after (what was in that stuff? Besides the power of the sun…that you had to unleash).

Come to think of it, I’ve got a pretty solid platform. I mean, foreign policy, the Middle East, and such can fit in there somewhere. Or maybe I’d just get my Cabinet to take care of that.

Alright, that’s all for now.

I’m going to bed.

Night night.

Until Next Time.

Daily Coffee Tally: 3

Packing For Mars

Apparently, there is water on Mars. So, we can really go there now. If you wanted to. I guess.

I know there are a lot of really smart people working on space exploration and discovering if there is life on Mars, but….what are we supposed to do with the information we gain from Mars?

I would be really stoked if we find Martians one day. But, like is it going to help us?

Also, how long does it take to get to Mars? How much would you have to take with you? How many years would you have to eat freeze dried food for?

Anyways, moving on.

BOB (Bellevue OB) has really been slamming us with deliveries. We had four today! 3 NSVD (normal spontaneous vaginal delivery) and 1 C/S (Cesarean section).

We filled the entire board. And then we delivered half of it. Thank God for multips (i.e. people who have had a baby before).

Seriously, all women out there. The first delivery is brutal, the second kid is way easier. Do yourself a favor and save the natural delivery plan for the 2nd kid. It will go way easier! Seriously. Those 2nd, 3rd, 4th kids…they can fly out.

The best part about OB is that when you are busy like that, the day files by. I usually start my day and the next thing I know, its 4 pm.

Finally, fun facts about me that are completely irrelevant:

  1. I have never listened to a podcast or a TED talk. I keep meaning to. And then I keep falling asleep.
  2. I hold my breath when I do most any exercise besides running. For this reason, I’m one of the world’s worst yogis.
  3. I didn’t have a banana or avocado until I was 17 and 18, respectively.
  4. My favorite dream about work (yes, they happen; I’ve been pregnant in my dreams) is that I delivered twins vaginally alone as an intern. I then layer the twins on paper towels, labeled them A and B. Then, when then attending got there (for some reason I like secretly did the delivery alone) I go, “Look! Look what I did! Twins!” Dr. Lajoie, if you read this, you were the attending in my dream. The mom was totally cool with it all in this dream, as well.

Night night.

Until next time..

Daily coffee tally: 2

How To Identify Someone Post (24 Hr) Call:

  1. The confused girl in Staples with a lot of multi-colored pens:
    1. Things you should absolutely NOT do post call are go into Staples. I spent like 5 minutes staring at this package of pencils wondering if this is for children or adults. They are fun and colorful, making me think they are for children. The also look “wide point” meaning maybe also for children. But, then they are with the rest of the adult pens and pencils. It was a lot to wrap my head around. IMG_7665
    2. I almost bought more Moleskin note books. Then, I realized I had some unfilled ones still. I’m a sucker for the graph paper ones and they had a pile of them. Type A’s get high on graph paper.
  2. Can’t answer the question, “Do you want all of your groceries in one bag?”
    1. Responses that went through my head: 1) “You’re the grocery bagger. Use your judgement?” 2) “Why ask me such an emotionally charged question right now? I’m weak and not sure which is harder – one heavy bag or two less heavier ones.” 3) “Cool story bro”
  3. Spontaneously cries at any somewhat heart-warming story.
    1. Salad delivery man in elevator with me said, “Can you press 9? I’m tired. I’m working so much.” To which I replied, “More work, more money!” (I mean, unless you’re a resident) To which he responded, “Yeah, I need the money, I’m trying to save up to go back to school.” TEARS. TEARS. TEARS. THE AMERICAN DREAM. MORE TEARS.
    2. Don’t ask me about the time I almost cried during a C-section when I found out our scrub tech worked two scrub jobs to provide for his four children. I was like, “Do we have Kleenex in this OR?! Babies and two job workers, its too much!”
    3. Remind me NEVER to watch the following post call: The Fox and the Hound, Up, The Help, Marley and Me, King Kong, The Green Mile. I’m not sure I’d be able to come back from that.
  4. Read a paper about steroids and one of the adverse effects was “increased energy, inability to sleep.”
    1. And subsequently think, “Can they give this to residents.”
  5. Not care about diet and exercise.
    1. Generally, I love my little exercise habit and healthy eating penchant. It makes me feel good. Post call, its like “screw it, I’m tired.” I ate fried chicken today and a red velvet cupcake (so worth it). And, once I just started eating one of my co-residents bacon without asking during an article review (which I was not participating in) after a particularly bad  night.
    2. Most of the time I do exercise post call, because its usually the best part of my day. Today, after 2 hours of sleep, I deferred.

Speaking of sleep, that is where I am headed now. I’m going to eat something that resembles dinner and pass out.

Daily coffee tally: What day is it? I mean, at least 2 maybe 3. When did this day start and end?

The Bend And Snap: Works Every Time

As an intern, I was terrified of everyone and everything.

I don’t know why. No one was terrible to me or anything. In fact, everyone was pretty nice. I think I just perseverated on wanting to prove that I was “good enough” to be in this residency program.

Anyways, they haven’t booted me, yet, so I guess I’m doing ok.

I remember being so afraid of my third years and chiefs. Which is odd. Because they are some of my favorite people now. And I miss a lot of them.

Being a “senior” now, I do not know how anyone could ever been in the slightest intimidated by me.

Case in point: I equated the “burn and cut” of the Ligasure to the “bend and snap” today from Legally Blonde. “Burn and Cut! Works every time!”

Even the Onc fellow said to my intern, “you will never hear this much enthusiasm in an OR.”

[I disagree, my former Onc fellow, FMB, was the most positive enthusiastic person I know. She was an essentially perfect OR coach. I didn’t give up on my future as a surgeon because of her. Seriously. Thank you, Fernanda!]

It must’ve been that Birch coffee I had this morning. Spiked my blood with caffeine and enthusiasm.

On another 24 tmw. Time to read something non-educational at all and go to bed. And ponder if I want oatmeal or eggs + hot sauce for my pre-call breakfast.

Until next time…

Night Night

Daily Coffee Tally: 2

The Magic of Tidying Up

I read that book last year.

I was compelled to get rid of everything. Well, not everything, but a lot of things. But, then I had to work. And work some more. And, now, its today.

My favorite thing she said in that book was, “Even if you haven’t used something, if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it! And, you can think  ‘ thank you for teaching me that I don’t need you.'”

Finally, someone who can make you feel ok about getting rid of the junk you thought your needed, but didn’t need.

Anyways, our work room at Bellevue is in serious need of an overall.

Another resident and I have staged a mutiny and are taking it upon ourselves to “tidy it up.”

Ok, not so much on the mutiny part, but we are “tidying up.”

There is stuff in that room from the 1980s. I’m sure of it.

In addition to throwing away lots of stuff, I redid “the board” today.

All of our “to dos” for the labor floor and such are written on a white board. Really takes me back to high school.

The white board gets gross. It is lined in electrical tape, which can peel and then that leaves marks.

I have a touch of obsessive compulsive personality disorder and, in my old age, have been increasingly disturbed by disorder and things that are tidy. Just ask my intern – I would come in early sometimes on Bellevue GYN to write the vitals on my route neatly in my own handwriting instead of scribbling during rounds. Ok, maybe this is actually excessive. But, I just like things to be neat and readable.

I would’ve made such a good school teacher. “WRITE LEGIBLY OR ELSE!!!”

Anyways, it was a pretty big project today, but I finished “the board” and moved some stuff around.

Co-residents and future NYU OB/GYN residents, you’re welcome.


The #1 Thing Women Talk About In OB Triage

Well, maybe not the #1 thing, but its in the top 10.

People love to get talking about the mucous plug.

For those, not in the know, mucous is like gooey stuff, like your snot, but this kind is in the cervix and it should not be green like the kind from your nose (if it is green, see a doctor ASAP). If you need a little anatomy refresher, the cervix is the opening to the uterus. Its approximately 4 cm long in a normal, non-pregnant person, and throughout pregnancy, it shortens and the, with labor, it opens. The cervix is what has to get to 10 cm and thin for you to then push a baby out.

I think primips (first time moms) get really stoked if the mucous plug is expelled thinking labor and the baby is just around the corner. Sometimes, it means that the cervix is change and labor is impending. Other times, you might not go into labor until a few weeks.

I feel bad when I have to tell patients in triage that their mucous plug, while nice information, isn’t super monumental to me. At least in triage…where we’re trying to figure out if you’re in labor or not. I really wanna get stoked about the mucous plug with you,if I could.

I know, I’m sorry first time moms. I really feel your pain. I mean, I haven’t literally, but do you know how hard it is to tell someone that they’re only 1-2 cm and, sorry, you’re not in labor?!

Anyways, if you’re pregnant, and you want to be the all star triage patient, here are the questions you will most likely be asked.

  1. Your due date
  2. When the contractions started, if you had a gush of fluid, if you had any vaginal bleeding, if the baby is moving
  3. When your last appt was and if you were examined (i.e. a cervical exam)
  4. Your Group B Strep (GBS) status
  5. Any medical problems, surgeries, medications you’re taking every day, allergies
  6. Is the pain so bad you want an epidural or medication? (This helps us triage in our minds admission versus “walk for 2 hours” vs go home)

That’s all I have to say about the cervix and stuff.

On residency:

How anyone can date or have a successful marriage/relationship is beyond me.

I feel extremely selfish in residency. When I leave work, its about my workout, my sleep, my hunger, my needs for a manicure, my not wanting to talk to anyone and stare at a wall.

You know those days where you are so tired, you literally just want to lie in your bed and stare at the ceiling?


I now understand arranged marriage, tele-dating, long distance, etc.

Wait, is tele-dating a thing?

Anyways, other observations on the world:

  1. The Pope is in town. I’m not Catholic but, I mean, I kind of want to meet the Pope one day. The whole papal pageantry is sort of magical, right? Ok, maybe I’m thinking of Dumbledore and not the Pope.
  2. Who is GiGi Hadid and why is she always on “Who What Wear” twitter feed?
  3. Everyone is running for president in the Republican party.
  4. It is fall.
  5. There are a lot of ways to spell my name (given name). Meghan. Meagan. Megan. Megyn (apparently)
  6. Its almost October (WHAT?!)

I always tell people that with residency “the days are long but the years are short.”

Time is flying. Sometimes. Not all the time. Not when I need the 3rd coffee of the day and I can’t get it because the labor floor is bananas.

Anyways, that’s all.


Until next time..

Daily Coffee Tally: 3

There’s Nothing Sweet About Diabetes

Seriously, there is nothing sweet about diabetes.

Even our most complicated diabetics, which give me palpitations, pale in comparison to those cared for by my internal medicine colleagues.

Also, sugar will be the greatest teratogen of our time.

Teratogen is a fancy word that means it messes the baby up. Ok, fine, a more formal definition is “something that cause malformation of the embryo/fetus.” Birth defects. That bad stuff.

I tried to decrease the amount of sugar I ate starting around April or so (bedsides fruit, because I mean…apples are my favorite food). I watched “Fed Up,” a documentary by Katie Couric, and had a little push from a friend (thanks Jaws) and quit the nightly chocolate/dessert habit.

Saturday, it was one of our attending’s last days (for those of you in NYU OB/GYN world, Dr. Morrow’s last L&D stand), and the nurses threw a party. I ate cake. And about two hours later I felt tired, lethargic, and cranky.

Somewhere in “Fed Up” they talk about how sugar and insulin changes your brain chemistry and blah blah blah…I’m too tired to look it up and tell you…but literally I could not believe how much worse I felt eating sugar that I don’t normally eat.

So, yeah, sugar ain’t so sweet, yo. There’s nothing cool about a finger stick over 200.

Moving on…

A thank you note to 5 o’clock.

Dear 5 O’Clock, 

Thank you for bringing either a triage “bus,” complicated new patients, or both. You know, a seemingly smooth day can be thwarted just at the stroke of 5. The witching hour of OB triage. 

Its so nice of you to bring these challenges just one hour before sign out. You really challenge me to work quickly and efficiently so I don’t look like an idiot at sign out, which you inevitably do, since you always bring something really complicated, naturally. 

Your 4 am counterpart – send them a thank you, too. 

With Love, 

OB Residents Everywhere 

I am tired.

It is time for bed.

To bed I said!

Night night.

Until next time…

Daily Coffee Tally: 2