The 411


**I wrote this last night. Then fell asleep before I pushed post. #residency**

Well, hello, there.

Does anyone read this anymore?

Regardless, last we left off, I was in the middle of fellowship interviewing and racking up frequent flyer points and Delta peanuts like it was my job (only it wasn’t – I still have that 60-80 hr per week gig as an OB/GYN resident).

Long story short, I’m packing up my bags and headed to LA in June! I matched at the University of Southern California for reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

To quote the young musician-philsopher, Miley Cyrus, I’ll be hopping “off a plane at LAX with my dream and my cardigan” in late June 2017.

After 12 years in NYC (what?!) and that same number of years without a car, this is sure to be a big change! Fortunately, they have SoulCycle in LA and, even better, Philz Coffee, tons of poke, Shadowbox (coming to LA in 2017!) and the best weather imaginable. I plan to be outside everyday BECAUSE YOU CAN. Suffice it to say, I think I’m going to like it in LA.

Side note – do you have friends in LA? Do they need friends?  Do they like sunshine, running outdoors, and coffee? If so, do they want to be my friend?

Since this may potentially be my last year in NYC, I have decided to do things that I…should’ve done in the 12 years I lived here. My ‘rents and I took a tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art two weeks ago. The Met is so large and overwhelming – tours definitely help you digest the place better. Highly recommend.


Because I used to blog about running….

In running news, I ran a half yesterday, although run might be an overstatement! My co-resident Annie and I took a nice leisurely 13.1 mile stroll through Philadelphia on an oddly warm November day. We walked on the hills (they changed the course — and its now fairly hilly in some parts) because we are overtired residents. No shame, whatsoever.

Maybe it was all the fall leaves, but I think I’d like living in Philadelphia. Sign me up for one of those stone house on the Main Line. #addtocart #Imsuretheyrecheap

And, finally, a public service announcement from your favorite OB/GYN resident on the internet (RIGHT, EVERYONE?!).


I get lots of texts from my friends (I’m honored you value my opinion btw!). Besides the usual questions of “is Juju really on that beat?,” I get questions on everything from pap smears to pregnancy. And, I love it! I learn so much from the questions from my friends.

However, should you be looking for something on the internet that is credible and well written, a shameless plug here for my friends’ new website, Truly, MD.

Truly, MD is written by my friends (and mentors) Dr. Jaime Knopman and Dr. Sheeva Talebian. The aim is to be a honest, no-nonsense, but easy to read platform for everything women’s health! Trust me, if there’s a question you have…it will be answered on there!

Here’s a few of my favorites:

Will The Eggs I Freeze Make a Baby?

A Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy

Should Pregnancy Put a Pause on Your Gym Membership?

IUD: When Your Numper Stick Reads “Babies on Board and I Need a Break!”

When Doctor Becomes Patient <- a definite must read!

That’s all I have for now.

Daily coffee tally: 2

PS – I have some incredibly annoying head cold that is causing some gnarly sinus pressure. I have to say – this is the WORST.




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