Well, Hello!

Well, Hello, There!


From, 30, 000 feet or so.


For those of you who read this blog (ever) back in 2013, you might remember a fun little process I went through at the time called “the match.” The best way to describe is that it is somewhat like sorority rush for residency placement. You apply to programs. You may or may not get an interview. You then rank the programs in the order that you like. The programs rank the applicants in the order they like. And, then, a computer matches you up.


The horrifying thing about this that you life basically changes in one email on one day, based on a computer algorithm. You may have your heart set on a program in Colorado, but, surprise!…you’re actually moving to Florida.


And…there’s nothing you can do about it (ie the match is binding)!


No stress, right? If you don’t remember, the last time I did this I went to restorative yoga classes for about a week straight before match day in hopes of revving up my parasympathetic nervous system to help me calm down. I basically paid money for people to tell me to sit on pillow bolsters and not to think about the enormity of the whole situation.


To further increase anxiety, there is a significant chance you will NOT match this time around…seeing as there are about 80 applicants or so for 40 spots. So, the odds are somewhat better than the Hunger Games, but not entirely fantastic, either.


And, finally, when you’ve gone through the pyramid of medical training….and many people have been “weeded” out…those that are applying for such positions are generally extremely well qualified. So, the competition is intense.


As you can imagine, I’m in a glass case of emotion now. I even considered sitting down at a Tarot reader and/or psych in Soho the other day. Just to see what they said. See if they can predict what is going to happen on October 5th….and then I realized I had no idea what Tarot cards are (were? Aren’t they ancient), I was likely placing faith in a game based on probability, and psychics…well, I don’t necessarily believe anyone can predict the future. I mean, aside from Donald Trump, of course. I’m sure he can.


Of course, I do realize I am in the great fortune of having many wonderful places to interview at and the reality is that I have “good problems” to have. I am having a classic case of 30-something first-born first-world problems.


[***I totally believe in the birth order “thing.” I fulfill most first born characteristics. Ask my siblings.***]


However, being that I generally consider myself an optimist (albeit tempered by realism), I’ll point out the good parts of the interview trail:


  • Meeting people! You see a lot of the same people at each interview, which is fun. The field in which I am applying is small, so its nice to meet people you will hopefully work with in the future.
  • Seeing different programs, their strengths/weaknesses, and what might be possible for your career
  • Running in lots of different places!
  • Two west coast trips = two (or more) trips to Philz coffee
  • Frequent flyer miles?


Alright, that’s all for now.


I’m returning to “Truly Madly Guilty,” which is Liane Moriarty’s newest book. Like her other novels, it is addicting. I’m also finishing up “Do You Believe In Magic: The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine” by Paul Offit, MD. It’s a great, evidence based read. Highly recommend.


Thankfully, no one on the interview trail has asked “what was the last book you read?” Oh you know, just the latest in the Emily Giffin and Liane Moriarty chick-lit genre. 😉


Until next time…


Interview coffee tally: frighteningly close to coffee infusion level


PS – I’m watching “Hitler’s Rise and Fall” on this flight. I’m sure my row mate is like “what???” Give me a good History Channel special and I’m golden…

3 thoughts on “Well, Hello!

  1. Good luck! Glad you’re staying positive & taking the chance to learn and gain some cool experiences along the interviewing route in spite of the ridiculous process.

  2. Is fellowship (which I’m guessing you’re interviewing for) a ranking system too? I think our fellows interview and then are just picked, but we’re also not accredited, I think. (Burn fellowships aren’t recognized as “real” fellowships, I believe. It’s weird.)

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