July 1

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June 29, 2013 (2 days before start of intern year)

Tomorrow is July 1.

And, while most people are figuring out their holiday weekend plans, a subset of the population is figuring out how not to poop their pants tomorrow.

Or, at least that was me on July 1, 2013.

I picked up pagers at 7:30 am and remember thinking they might have to call a medical response team on me if they went off before my seniors got there because I had not the slightest clue as to what to tell anyone if anyone asked me a question. I felt like a huge fake; I didn’t even know how much motrin we usually gave patients! And, that’s an over the counter medicine. How were people calling me doctor when I didn’t even know how much of a non-prescribed medication you give?! I felt a lot lot Bambi wandering around in the forest…

Spoiler alert – the pagers do go off, you do figure out how to answer them, and you learn how much motrin to give someone.

So, dear interns, I survived….and you will, too!

Just don’t drink too much coffee on day one – your heart rate will already be high enough and you’ll be shaking even without it.

A couple of things to read about internship, July 1, and “the July effect:”


“Singular Intimacies” cover story

http://danielleofri.com/july-first-part-one/ [definitely listen to this one!]

My top tips for surviving July 1 as an intern:

  1. Be organized
  2. Ask questions. No one will fault you for not knowing. In fact, they expect you to know nothing.
  3. Be nice to nurses, scrub techs, PCTs, etc.






One thought on “July 1

  1. Ah, I keep meaning to write a post called, “To Interns, Love Nurses” with some tips from the nursing side, but haven’t gotten around to it. We actually have a great brand new intern right now, and our brand new intern last year was great too. (Although adorably asked how much Ativan we wanted him to order, and he said, “20mg? Right?” Noooooooo! But he was so nice and just wanted to help. Bless his heart. Rumor has it he’s doing great!)

    Can’t believe that was three years ago for you! Crazy!

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