I’m Really Laid Back…Until I’m Not

Hello, friends!

Anyone still out there?

I meant to write more about my experience at ABC, which I talked a bit about in my last post. Then, I got swept into a work-life vortex and haven’t been able to look up much since (besides the obligatory exercises classes).

To keep it brief, since I got back from Costa Rica, life went from one impending deadline or project to the next. First, it was getting my research project finished both for a conference and for presentation at graduation (aka “Resident’s Day”). Thereafter, it was fellowship applications (that’s right, it’s time for the matchmaker to make me a match again, hopefully) and then prepping (slash obsessing) over two presentations I gave at Resident’s Day. This all came to a culmination last Friday and then I promptly went into 14 straight days of work, which will end on July 1.

In the background of this, I was, of course, working. After my ABC elective, which was incredibly enlightening, I started on GYN Oncology, where I spent a month doing a lot of robotic hysterectomies and striving for a “PR” for that case (thus far, 38 minutes, not including “closing the cuff”). Perso-professionally (this is a term I’m coining for personal development in the professional world….you can quote me on that), I felt like that month was a really big growth period for me in feeling more confident in the OR with “big” cases and being “in charge,” since I was technically the “Onc chief” and since my fellow went on maternity leave (congrats, Melissa!) so the other fellow was “double covering” both hospitals (a job I do not envy!). I actually felt ready to be a “chief” (fourth year resident) after that month. I also have to give a huge shout out to my junior (but not so junior in her skill level) resident, Foley, who made my life 1000% easier and I’m pretty sure made me look a lot better than I actually am.

So, all of that is to say that life got nuts and, as of last Friday, I “moved up” to my 4th year of residency! Insane, right? Its amazing to think that I was writing this blog well before I even applied to residency.

I’ve only spent one week as a chief, but I’ve already noticed that I’m a really laid back person….until I’m not.

That is to say, I like things neat, organized, pretty, and color coded and, if those criteria are met, I’m “go with the flow.” So, in reality, it appears I’m not “go with the flow” at all.

Right now, I’m the nights chief. Here are the few things I’m struggling with.

First, I’m so used to “running” things and thinking out loud, that I just start telling everyone what to do. You might think that since I’m the most senior resident, that is my job, but the goal is actually have the 3rd year resident to start to take over a bit more. It appears I’m not so good at doing that. Mostly, because I feel incredible lazy if I’m not either directing or doing and, rather, overseeing.

Second, I have a slightly unnatural obsession with “writing on the board.” (Or maybe is is a penchant for my own handwriting).

The “board,” for those unfamiliar is where we write and keep track of all the laboring patients. It is also where we write the “to-do” list for the night, which was my favorite part of being a third year (shocking, I know).

It appears I have a pathologic obsession with writing on the board. I can’t seem to give it up. Sometimes, I even ask my third year if I can do it and/or re-write messy things on the board (1- because I can’t stand it and 2- it needs to be neat so everyone can read).

You could see this as having control issues. I blame it on being a first born.

That is all I have to say for now.

Must shower and go to the trenches (work).

Until next time…

Daily coffee tally: TBD





2 thoughts on “I’m Really Laid Back…Until I’m Not

  1. Hello! Is it me you’re looking for? Yes, I am still out here. Reader aka Aunt Blan. (Aka means “also known as”, in case this is not part of medical parlance.) Delighted to see this post and understand what all that chief stuff was about. I was wondering. Sounds a bit confusing particulary the third year resident role. And nothing worse than a messy board, I feel your pain. I just reorganized all my spring/summer clothes into categories so I am feeling very fulfilled. And, I did Abs with Sweat with Kayla. So feeling very proud of myself. Two coffees-one hot, one iced. New obsession: Oreo Thins. The one with the blonde cookie and white filling. Can’t stop.

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