Day(s) In The Life

People often ask about “what is like to be a resident.’ So, here’s a play by play of three different days – one in clinic, one in the OR, one a little mix

Enjoy. Don’t get too bored.


[during sleep, get text that 2 patients admitted overnight]

6:45 – wake up, rush to get ready because of two new admissions, decide not to shower, get to hospital by 7:30

7:30 – round on the two new admits

8 – pre op conference, discussing cases for the next 2 weeks, simultaneous eat breakfast and coffee #1

9-12 – colpo clinic, do lots of looking at cervixes/cervices (I’m not sure what the plural is of that), have one patient tell me I am warm, gentle, and a “beacon of light,” that is nice to hear, even if I’m pretty sure its not always true!

12-1 – eat lunch, review emails, update floor stuff from afar, worry about making sure all the cases for this week and next are being cleared, coffee #2

1-5 – in clinic seeing patients while simultaneously making changes to the OR schedule from afar i.e. in between patients (many no shows due to snow) calling the coordinating center to see if they can call patients, switch dates, etc. then make appropriate changes to my spreadsheet, have semi-nervous breakdown that not everything will happen, also try to get patients some new imaging and there are no appts for such so also have a semi breakdown begging people to overbook for me, I offer first born children and blood to no avail,

5-6 – wrap things up for day

6:30 – leave, not too long of a day!

7-8 – physical therapy

8-9 – eat, respond to emails, freak out about research and how I’m behind, wonder if I should get a golden retriever as a residency therapy dog, or maybe just a massage

9: 24 – writing this

10:30 – hope to be on 2nd dream


6:40 – In to round

7 – conference, eat breakfast and coffee #1

8 – first case, cold knife cone

10 – 2nd case – a TLH! (total laparoscopic hysterectomy as surgeon!)/BSO/PNLD (bilateral salpingoophrectomy, pelvic lymph node dissection), 4 hours total

2:30 – eat lunch, dream about another coffee, don’t do so due to its diuretic effect

3 – 3rd case – radical hysterectomy assisting, do lots of kegels whilst doing so, i will not have incontinence! kegels in the OR and having IUDs are some of gynecologists favorite little not-so-secrets, 5 hours total, dream about water

9:30 – leave hospital, first order of business is buying a giant seltzer

***there was no time for more coffee


8 – get to work, late day, this a dream, cover labor floor from 8-12 for a co resident getting a recertification, field GYN stuff rom labor since that is my actual team (i.e. floor stuff, consults, etc)

1 – help finish a more complicated consult

1:30 – give instructions to intern for rest of afternoon, run to clinic

2-4:30 – onc clinic

4:30 – onc clinic is weirdly close to done, go back to wrap up things on floor

6- sign out to night team

6:30 – leave for workout, do 1 mile warm up, 4 x 1 mile at 7:15-7:20, 1 mile cool down, was really hard, workout mantra “NOTHING IS HARDER THAN BGYN” (bgyn = bellevue gynecology), 6 miles or so total

9 – dinner, work, read, emails, things of that nature

11- dream land

That is all for now…





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