On Hysterectomies and Running

I never understood why senior residents obsessed over hysterectomies until I became one.

First, we do have to have a certain number of each type (abdominal, vaginal, laparoscopic) to graduate.

Second, they are more fun! Bigger cases! Exciting stuff!

Unfortunately, no one seems to want her uterus taken out right now. My booking block thus far has been a bust in the hysterectomy section.

I guess I should consider myself lucky. My first booking block I did at least one hysterectomy a week, sometimes up to three.

I liken being the booking resident to being a hysterectomy or other “big surgery” vulture. You feel like you’re always on the prowl, searching for good cases. And, then you feel kind of sick being like “I’m obsessing over wanting to remove organs” or finding a good prolapse or laparoscopic case.

Whatever, that’s why we’re surgeons, right?

Anyways, moving on….

Running, er “training,” has been going pretty great. As great as it can go when you work 60-80 hours per week! A few things to note:

  1. Mile High Run Club: Excellent option for winter/snow and/or to get speed work in as most of the classes involve hills and speed work. In fact, I almost died (in the good, track workout way) yesterday. [see below]
  2. Rebecca Kennedy’s A.C.C.E.S.S: It’s an active recovery class that I really like. It forces me to do things that I should do that I don’t do. I feel a lot looser and ready to run after I take that class.
  3. Physical Therapy: Seriously, Amanda (running buddy turned PT) has helped me get back on the roads (or treadmill, depending on the day) and actually train. Amanda, my right glute and sanity thank you! [Check out Amanda S or Abby B at Spear!]

If you want to get your butt kicked, go take the “distance” class at Mile High.

Its an hour of running, which I like. Usually, an hour of running on a treadmill (ok, ANY running on a treadmill) is mentally daunting to me. The class format makes it much more tolerable and actually, dare I say, enjoyable.

Running on a treadmill is hard for me for two reasons. First, the clock/mileage staring at you makes 10 seconds or 1 mile feeling like an eternity. Second, you can’t hide on the treadmill – people will see if you walk or stop (or fall off, which you probably would want assistance, in that case).

I’ve like trying the workouts at Mile High because it forces me to focus, pick a pace and stick with, and not give up so easily this early in my training (when I’m not entirely fit like I hope I am come March 20).

Last nights work out was as follows:

  1. 5 min warm up jog
  2. 7 min hill – 2 min @ 4%, 2 min @ 5%, 1 min @ 6%, 1 min @ 7% [truth be told, I was all “a 7 min hill doesn’t exist in real life!” when we started, but I’m sure one exists out there]
  3. 4 x 4 min progression (3 min at half marathon pace, 1 min faster) with 1 min rest
  4. 3 x 2 min hard/1 min rest
  5. 10 min hill starting at 6% and working down every 2 minutes while increasing speed every 2 min
  6. 5 min cool down

It was really hard for me; harder than last week’s workouts. I spent a lot of time in the pain cave.  But, that’s running. Some days it just feels really hard even if you have no explanation for it (less sleep, for instance). You just always hope it pays off in the end to see the workout through.

The girl on the treadmill in front of me  was absolutely killing it (home girl looked like the whole thing was a breeze) so I tried my best to use her as motivation. Whatever you can do to make it, right?

I then went home and drank a lot of La Croix seltzer. And some birthday cake. #optimalrecovery

That is all for now.

Daily coffee tally: 2






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