You’ll Never Find A Group More Inclusive Than Runners

In general, I find that most runners are really nice people.

Maybe its the endorphins. Maybe its a self selecting process. I don’t know if its the chicken, the egg, or just a case of “true-true, but unrelated,” but I’ve met fast runners, slow runners, fair-weather runners, die-hard runners and I’ve never met a mean, snobby runner. There is no mean girls “you can’t sit with us” mentality in running.

Well, at least the kind of runners I’ve come across.

I’ve had the good fortune of being coached through a 5K by someone who was 7th in the world in the discipline and paced by a professional marathoner and jack-of-all trades runner during my marathon. 

In return, I’ve run with people through first half marathons and paced a 9 year old to her 5K PR (who is now 13 and way faster than me).

As someone who grew up playing a more “exclusive” sport [tennis], I love that in running there is no front row, no sign ups, no lessons needed. You just have to put some shoes, show up, and try. I think all runners respect that it [running] is never easy; putting in the work is hard. Maybe that’s why its such an encouraging, supporting group.

I hate to say running changed my life, because I didn’t have a bad life before I started running. But, it sort of did. I’ve met my best friends through running, made awesome connections with great people, led me to the career I’m pursuing….

What brings all this up? Well, I did a long run tonight (11 miles) with some “fasties,” as you might call them. Of course, I was a bit nervous like “can I keep up with these guys?” Of course, because runners are usually great people, they were more than welcoming and, thankfully, I kept up.

Training is [surprisingly] going pretty well for this half. Right now, I’m on a pretty running friendly rotation where I can actually have enough time and adequate rest to do workouts and long runs. My next rotation [Bellevue GYN] won’t be so great. I’m worried my training will fall behind, not that it really matters. However, I’ve been weirdly motivated lately to “put in the work.” It’s “weird” because for the majority of my residency, I’ve had a pretty lax attitude towards training for races (rightfully so, in my opinion). I guess that last half I ran in October planted a little seed that maybe with a smidgen of training I could do even better this spring. I guess that’s what got me up at 5:15 in the morning the other day to do a 6 am workout.

The good news for my psyche is that I have no attachment to any goal for this half. Sure, I have numbers I’d like to hit. But, when I consider the possibility that it won’t happen, its fine to me. I’m taking the “expectant management” or “wait and see” approach for this half. I’m just going to put in the work that I can and see what happens. Its like going to labor and delivery without a birth plan; I’m just going to follow directions [from a training plan] and see what happens.

Alright, I have to go to bed, because I have a test from 8-3:30 tomorrow. College and med students out there — IT NEVER ENDS.

Here’s to looking at a computer screen all day tomorrow! At least there is free food.

Daily coffee tally: 2




One thought on “You’ll Never Find A Group More Inclusive Than Runners

  1. Yes, yes, yes! I think us runners are so passionate about running and all the good it’s done for our life that we just want to share it with everybody! If anyone ever mentions wanting to run (or run more or run further), I get really excited to help them out! Whatever it may be, I’m so glad runners are so welcoming! I’ve moved a few times in the last couple of years because of my husbands work. And every time I’ve made friends quickly, usually through running. Running is the best!

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