Oh Hey Friends…

Hi there.

Winter showed up.

That’s a bummer.

Part of me is sad that I’m sad about that, because I know I should be more cognizant of “fake winter is bad for our environment,” but I was really enjoying fake winter.

This impending snow storm is really giving me anxiety over my long run this weekend (of undetermined length, maybe like 10-12, we’ll see how far the spirit takes me).

Its weird to be worrying about long runs again.

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you’ll know that back in my pre-residency days, I followed training schedules to a T. And raced. (relative term).

And, then residency hit, and I got into classes mode, because it became really nice to have someone tell you what to do.

Recently, some running spirit hit me and I’ve gotten all into “training” again. I put this in quotes as its sort of a mix of the old and the new. I’d say I used to go to classes more than run, and now the opposite is true. I’ve tried to do a workout each week. And, I’ve been doing long runs.

Its like a real training schedule!

I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Maybe its realizing that I can sometimes come up for air from this whole residency gig and work “hard” at something else.

Now, to be clear, what I’m doing now PALES in comparison to what I did in my med school days. And, I’m sure as we get further into this training block (and onto Bellevue GYN), I’ll skip a track workout or long run.

But, running and training, its nice to be back. At least for now.

I even brought out a WATCH. I had to dig it up from the ashes. And, remember how to erase old splits.

One thing I’ve recently discovered since winter hit and foiled some of my running plans (darkness+ 20 degrees+ running alone as a female = asking for trouble is Mile High Run Club. I’ve taken the “Distance” class twice, which is the 60 min running class (the longest they offer). It’s great! You can tell the instructors (well, I’ve taken the same one twice – Luke L) are runners. Its a very well structured work out. I get at least 6.5 miles in and some threshold work, which is great.

Also, I have to give big props to Luke. I had to leave Monday’s class a whole 15 min early since I was on call and had to be a work by 7:30. Luke was super understanding and even helped me tailor to workout to the 45 min I did run. Runners understand runners. Runners are nice people.

And, subsequently, I had one awesome, endorphin filled call!

Anyways, what’s all this training for? The NYC Half! I’m also raising money for Every Mother Counts for this race. As an OB/GYN resident, its a cause really close to my heart. See link if interested in helping me out. –> https://www.crowdrise.com/EveryMotherCountsNYCHalf16/fundraiser/meggiesmith

One suggestion to Mile High — have a 90 min class this Saturday so I can do my long run on your awesome treadmills?! Thanks, in advance, seeing as it might snow.

Also, in residency world – today was booking clinic and we thought we had 6 patients scheduled. Psych! There were like an additional 7. Funsies!

At least we got some cases.

[x] book cases

That is all for now.

Until next time!

Daily coffee tally: 3



One thought on “Oh Hey Friends…

  1. I actually think they offered longer classes last year during y’alls Polar Vortex. Hopefully they add one or two to the class offering though this weekend I have a feeling my love of snow and winter will be walloped with disappointment. Looks like DC is going to have all the fun! 😦

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