Earning Your Stripes

Pro tip: Have friends who are outside of your profession. That way, you can tell them about all of your “firsts” and accomplishments and it seems cool to them.

One sort of “fun” (it you want to think of that way) about medical training is that you get a lot of “firsts” in adulthood. Its like being a kid again and meeting your “milestones.” Sitting up unassisted, grabbing a block, first word is now first C-section, first stat C-section, first hysterectomy, and so on and so forth.

My friend, Jocelyn (whom is my non-resident residency confidante), suggested maybe we should get those sashes like the Girl Scouts and you can get a badge each time. I like this idea. Badge sashes are the white coats of 2016.

Or maybe we could do belts. Like karate. Doctor ninjas with black belts.

[I’m post call and a bit delirious, don’t judge.]

Anyways, last night (or early this morning?) I had one of my “firsts.”

Long story short, terminal bradycardia at the same time as another room was having decels and needed to be delivered urgently. So, there were two obstetric urgencies/emergencies happening at the same time.

Fortunately, as a resident, you are really never alone, but most of the situations in which we’ve “called a stat” have been when I’m with other residents. This time it was just me, the midwife, and the nurse and it felt just a bit more like I totally made this decision, rolled the patient back, and got the baby out. Although I was probably only “alone” for 2 minutes, it felt like an eternity until anesthesia and such got there.

So, I need my “called a stat alone” badge now. Or moved up to the red belt.

I find a lot of those moments to be both terrifying and empowering. If all goes well, I usually envision myself as Katy Perry on that fake Tiger at the Super Bowl all “I am doctor. Hear me roar.”

That’s all I have to say for now.

Night night.

Until next time…

Daily coffee tally: I can’t remember



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