About a year ago, I wrote a “To Do List” for 2015. I didn’t actually make a true, written down “check-y box” list for this, but, going back, here’s how it all panned out 365 days later…

  1. Contacts: Half a check. I got them in and out for a brief time in September and then got lazy. There’s always 2016. And glasses. And lasik.
  2. Run the NYC Half Under 1:50: I think I ran 1:50-something, which I was fine with. I then ran Brooklyn in…1:53? And then RNR Brooklyn in 1:45. So, I’ll give this a check.
  3. Try a Korean Body Scrub: No, no check. And I regret this. Although I did discover the feet rubbing people down in Chinatown, which was a life-changing discovery. [Thanks to Jocelyn for my many Chinatown discoveries.]
  4. Use Self Tanner More Frequently: Check. Discovered St. Tropez. The brand of self tanner not the place.
  5. Go To Yoga More Than Once: Yes! Lyon’s Den. Not regularly enough but now I actually look forward to yoga. (I know, that’s still weird for me, too).
  6. Try A Dance Class: Yes. Thumbs up.
  7. Eat Less Sugar, Eat More Fat: Surprisingly, yes. Thanks to a push from Jaws, I gave up my nightly dessert habit. And  I cut out a lot of sugar in other places, too.
  8. Read A Book That Is Not Work Related At All: Yes! Several. Favorites included “Running With The Mind of Meditation,” “Big Little Lies,” “Primates of Park Avenue,” “The Birth of the Pill,” and “The Girl on the Train.”
  9. Run A Race With A Friend/Pace Someone To Their First Half Marathon: Yes! NYC with my friend/life mentor/life inspiration, Jaime.

Other things I learned in 2015, in list format:

  1. It is beneficial to slow down and breathe. My friend, Jess, introduced me to a lot of [what I call] “zen” concepts, like breathing and meditating and focusing. And, its helped me. A lot. Changed the way I think of my life/day, in a way. Every day I’m just inching closer and closer to be like a Tibetan monk.
  2. Rest is important. My first and second years of residency, I pushed to do more [exercise] in an effort, I think, to maintain some control over my life amidst the chaos/control of residency. Spin class after a 24 hour call? Yeah, I’ve done it. And, at some point this year, I realized that rest is probably just as important, too. And that its probably even more beneficial for your fitness/health.
  3. You should think of yourself as powerful. Yep, that’s right. I’m getting a portrait commissioned of  me next to Jesus, like Ben Carson. JUST KIDDING (that is crazy). Another concept introduced to me by Jess as well as becoming a bit more senior in my residency. I realized I have some influence, an educated opinion, a mind…and that people will listen to me if I project myself confidently. I’m not really sure how to explain this one, but I guess this year I started to do somethings with a bit more conviction. I’m still pretty guilty of saying “I’m sorry” for now reason and apologizing for everything (“I’m sorry to bother you, but do you mind? or “Can I ask you a question” rather than just asking it). Rome wasn’t built in a day, I guess.
  4. Residency does end. At some point this year, I realized that I one day will actually not be a resident and may regain a normal semblance of a life. Maybe.
  5. Learning from other people is fun and one of my favorite things. I think one of the best things in life is finding people who are good at something and learning from them. I love learning how people got to where they are, how they trained, what they did/thought, and how they got to be an “expert.” If you have an cool hobbies that you’re particularly adept at, hit me up. I’m always looking for new things to learn. In all that spare time I have. [This is also one of the best parts about living in NYC – everyone is good at/skilled at/an expert at something.]
  6. Off-loading the work load from yourself isn’t laziness. I often think that not doing something yourself and, rather, directing/organizing the “show” is lazy. Now, I’m learning its not. Exhibits A and B: getting  a cleaning lady and becoming a senior resident, especially the latter. Just because you’re not checking all of the boxes [intern!!] doesn’t mean you’re not working. Also, teamwork makes the dream work.


That’s all for now.

Night Night.

Until next time…

Daily Coffee Tally: 3

PS – If you feel so inclined, you can tell me something you learned or did in 2015. Or your favorite coffee place. Or both. 






4 thoughts on “2015

  1. I read Girl on a Train too! Great book. Currently reading new book Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges, by Amy Cuddy. Get lasik! I had RK years ago. Life changing! I tried Grip n’ Slide Conditioning (glide board and ropes class, great cardio.) Love it! I sat through a football game in pouring rain for 4 hours, never thought I could do it. Thank you Burberry, Hunter boots, and cleverly concealed shower cap. Favorite coffee place/type is Starbucks Flat White with Skinny Vanilla unless I am making it at home with my Miele.

  2. My favorite coffee place is usually my own kitchen. Fast, convenient, and we usually grind our own beans. In 2015 I’m learning about pregnancy for the first time, so I enjoy the OB resident tidbits you share. (My baby is due in April, so keep the words of wisdom coming!) I’ve also figured out it’s okay to run slow, take more days off, and embrace things like a 20 minute run. Maybe I’ll get back in shape someday, but right now it’s good to stretch, move, and sweat just enough to feel good!

  3. I love the things you learned in 2015. Those are things I often need to work on. In the non medical field here…I often have to think “if you want it done right/quickly, just do it yourself.” I am going to try and work on trusting other people to get things done.Also, I learned that you can plan a wedding without too much stress and without a wedding planner, if you just use excel documents daily. Worked wonders for me!!

  4. I also love learning how other people became ‘experts’ at something. I am a personal trainer, and this year I hired a trainer for myself (someone who is way more experienced than I am and definitely an expert in the field) and it has been awesome! Not only is it great to have someone who can help me with my own goals/issues etc, it is also like the best continuing education ever…

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