Shortest Day of the Year!


It only goes up from here! The days will only get longer!

Thank God, because I think I’m getting a serious case of S.A.D. or residency dysthymia. There was a study in JAMA recently that said up to 30% of residents have depressive symptoms. That’s quite….depressing. I actually think the true rate is higher. I think one way to ameliorate this would be to put a gym in the hospital. Do you know how much I will kill for 4 miles on a 24 hour call?

Speaking of, Bellevue decided to drop-kick my team this weekend. 36 hours of non-stop “shark mode” working/craziness. Every time we didn’t think the night/day could get worse, it did.

FYI: “Shark mode” comes from the fact that some shark die when they stop swimming. Therefore, “shark mode” means you never stop moving and keep getting work done.

That being said, I’m exhausted. I think its a combination of being on call the last two weekends (so that’s 36 hours of work in the weekend) and the darkness.

I understand now where bears hibernate in the winter. We should really take a note from bears.

Fortunately, “winter” has decided not to happen much, yet. I’m ok with this. It means I can run outside without wearing 16 layers.

Unfortunately, my right leg is really acting up 2011- style with the whole SI joint, IT band, piriformis, adductor, gracilis tightness situation. I’m perplexed as I’ve essentially taken all of December off running (except occasional few miles maybe one a week) and it still hurts. I’m been doing strength and therapy and so on and so forth and it still hurts. I’m perplexed. Is that what your 30s are like?

Tips out there appreciated, as well as voodoo magic sent my way.

The biggest reason I care is because I’m running the NYC Half in March. Its one of my favorite races and I’d hate to miss it.

But, it wouldn’t be the end of the world, either.

Alright, that’s all. I gotta go to bed.

Until next time…

Daily coffee tally: 2 (NOT ENOUGH)



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