Happy [Now Belated] Thanksgiving!

Happy Cyber Monday-eve or whatever shopping holiday America has invented!

How was your Thanksgiving? I slept, ran, ordered from Seamless, then went back to sleep.

In residency, it is pretty much guaranteed you will work at least one and sometimes two “major” holidays. My intern year I worked Christmas and New Years. Last year I worked Thanksgiving (two 24-s, Thurs and Sat). And, this year I worked Thanksgiving — Wednesday night (for a 24 hour “shift” Wed) and then Friday in clinic.

I actually don’t mind working Thanksgiving. I find it kind of fun. I feel like Thanksgiving is about being with people you love – your friends and family. Framily. I do love my residency so it sort of feels like family (and I see them more than my family!). I also love my bed and running, so I, too, spent Thanksgiving with my peeps.

I feel like Thanksgiving is also about watching that dog show. I did miss that this year.

I write this blog in an attempt to portray what residency is like (and do have it documented on the internet for myself and for posterity). So, with the holidays upon us, I felt like writing about what you “miss” in residency – life events and such.

Of course, there are many jobs out there where you work holidays (all of healthcare!) or miss big events (being a working person, in general). Being a physician, I won’t be immune to this, given that illness and providing healthcare doesn’t stop on holidays. Its sort of par for the course, something you know when you go into medicine, like getting acquainted with pagers and sleepless nights.

So, yes, I spent 1-2 out of 3 “major” holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years) with my residency family as well as several of the minor holidays (Memorial Day, Labor Day, etc).

We pick our schedules several months before the upcoming “year” (each year starts in July) and you do get to request certain weekends off at that time, which are usually honored. My residency program tries really hard to get people to life events, within reason.

That being said, if you’re going into medicine, you will miss weddings, graduations, and other “life events.” That’s just part of the deal. I missed two good friends weddings and my sister’s pharmacy school graduation. So far, no one seems to hate me for these things.

The nice part about residency, unlike other jobs, is that all this 24 hour work day, missing out of life events stuff as a finite time line – 4 years in my case.

[Attention – any attendings out there reading this. Do not tell me it gets worse. Let me believe my story to myself.]

You might think holidays are less busy around hospitals. Not so!

I did my first stat C-section for pre-term twins under general anesthesia as an intern on Christmas eve. And I think I delivered 5 babies total that night!

Talk about a stocking stuffer.

In other news, I cut my hair much shorter. While I am extremely particular with most things, my hair isn’t one of them. I mean, unless you’re trying to dye my hair purple and give me the Kate Gosselin pre makeover hair cut, I give you artistic license if I trust you. And, I trust my girls (Amber and McKenna at Arrojo!) so much that when I told Mckenna “I like the length right now” and she said “I wanna chop it all off,” I let her do her thing. I mean, its hair, it grows back, and I didn’t go to cosmetology school so what do I know?!

Finally, I discovered that I have too many Christmas decorations to keep in a small NYC apartment. But, Target just makes such cute stuff! I couldn’t turn down this reindeer.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.42.20 PM


Anyways, that’s all I have for now. Jess killed me today at Flex. Literally died. In the best way possible. {Take her class!}

Night night…

Until next time…







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