Moving On Up

Today, I started back at our private hospital after being at the public hospital since mid-July.

Our private hospital (NYU Langone Medical Center) is undergoing a huge “renovation.” New hospital pavilion, new neuroscience building, and the old hospital building is getting some revamping.

I’m on this wonderful rotation right now called “Tisch Teaching Senior/Tisch OB Chief” I feel I should be renamed “Tisch Air Traffic Controller” because my job, bedsides teaching interns and med students about labor management, pre-eclampsia, hemorrhage, and the like, is keeping the floor moving. [And high risk stuff, too.]

I’m going to ask if I can get a bullhorn and those sticks.

“Intern to delivery in room 4 – I put your boots and gown in there!”

“We got another pre-eclamptic in triage, let’s open a room people!”

“GBS positive, I ordered the penicillin!”

“Pitocin on aisle 1 is available for every one!”

Just kidding, there are no aisle. Labor and delivery isn’t a grocery store.

Given that the floor will survive in my brief absence, I can actually run downstairs to the cafeteria. Its a novel pleasure I’m enjoying as a senior.

I went down and explored the new and improved Tisch.

Let’s start with the gift store. It was magical . There are letterpress cards, candles from Lafco, and a florist person arranging flowers with like…twine. He asked it if I needed help and I wanted to say, “Yeah, only a beta blocker to control my heart rate after seeing these letterpress cards so beautifully placed next to this stuffed bear that I want.” I entered a raffle for $50 at the gift shop. I hope I win.

The cafeteria is like Disney World. Its like Spaceship Earth except there is food. There are multiple kinds of coffee – drip, Illy – you can go nuts with caffeine.

The only thing somewhat lacking is the seltzer selection. If anyone from Tisch is listening, I’m envisioning a section dedicated to everyone’s favorite drink, seltzer. We could offer a full selection of La Croix, Polar, and Poland Spring. I think this would increase patient satisfaction in addition to my own satisfaction. Ok, maybe just my own. You are free to name that corner of the cafeteria, “Smith’s Seltzer Selections.” I’m happy to curate the offerings, should my services be needed. Mr. Langone, call me!

On another note, I bought ballet flats (like for actually ballet, not the Tory Burch kind) today. I bought leather rather than canvas. I thought they are prettier and those canvas ones are like the Nike Frees of the dance world – they feel like nothing. Apparently, leather was a faux pas. I’m sorry but pink is prettier. Fortunately, I don’t think this will make a difference. I mean, when I audition for the Nutcracker, I may not get the Sugar Plum Fairy and only a mouse, but there are no small parts, right people? (JOKES)

That is all I have to say for today.

Until next time…

Night night…

Daily coffee tally: 2






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