Wild Saturday Night

I feel it would be remiss not to say something about Paris. However, I’m at a loss for words. All of these events are truly horrible, including those most recent. Is it sad that this is something “normal” for our current generation to grow up with? I hope not.


Far and away from the war on terrorism, I’ve been compiling my Christmas/holiday card list.

Sorry, but I will not be including a form letter about myself in the third person. Maybe another year. Actually, this blog is sort of that…

“Meggie has really been enjoying all of her extra-curricular activities. She particularly excels at draining her bank account dry with all of her hobbies.”

Anyways, addressing said holiday cards always brings me back to my girl, Emily Post. Whenever I have an etiquette question, I consult Emily. She knows all.

For instance, what if you have a married couple, but the wife did not take her husbands last name?

Is it:

Mr. ______ ______ and Ms. _____ [maiden name]

Mr. _______ ______ and Mrs. ______ [married name]

Do you still use the Mrs even though she is keeping her maiden name.

What about if you have a wife doctor, judge, etc and the husband is not? With the husband having the title, it is very easy with Dr. and Mrs. or Rev. and Mrs. But, what about vice versa?

According to Emily Post, it is as follows:

Dr. ______ and Mr. _____

Here is a link to Emily Post’s “Guide to Addressing Correspondence.”

I also spent an inordinate amount of time today trying to find a red pen to match the red ink on the card. Excess levels of cortisol were secreted stressing over inability to find such a pen.

My sister and I went to the mall today. Christmas has exploded. I feel sad for Thanksgiving; it is becoming the forgotten holiday. Bath and Body Works made me Christmas nauseated. We also went to Sephora, where I did my make up, gave myself a multi-colored manicure trying different nail colors, and I perused the anti-aging section with such fervor that I think I scared some of the other customers.


For the price it was, it better.

I tried so many different lotions, creams, and serums on my hands that I expect them to look like that of a 17 year old by tomorrow.

In final other news, CGT and I did a track workout yesterday. It was rather fun. You see, as the old person, I got a lead. Then, CGT would have to catch up to me. I like to think that I am “boosting her confidence.” We did 4 x 800 with 200 recovery. I ran 3:20, she ran 2:48. Ahh, youth!

That’s all I have to say for now.

Vacation has been great. I have slept so wonderfully and for so many hours. I hate it will be over tomorrow.

Until next time….


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