Greetings, Friends

Hello, world!

5 weeks of night float and I’m now returning to the stratosphere known as humanity. Three cheers for normal human interaction and a moderately non-disturbed sleep schedule!

Night float brings with it a upheaval in your circadian rhythm, appetite and bowel function, and, most importantly, human interaction. If you can make it throughout a stint of night  float without undergoing an existential crisis, more power to you.

Here is a list of things that may or may not happen to you on night float:

  1. Night Float Nausea: Weeks 3 and 4 saw an unprecedented amount of nausea for me. It was like as if my body was rebelling against what I was subjecting it to. All I wanted to eat was popcorn and fruit. Mostly popcorn, otherwise known as the gateway drug of snacking.
  2. Loss Of Appetite Except For Carbs: Chop’t and Just Salad were wondering if I had died.
  3. “Never Enough” Attitude Towards Sleep: If you provide me with a modest pillow or blanket, I could pass out in an instant.
  4. Sleep “Exercising:” Did I exercise while on night float? Yes. Do I remember all of it? No.

I have decided to return to my random stream of consciousness for these posts. I will do so in list form, as is customary of uptight type-A people to do.

  1. On the Starbucks “Red” Cup: Seriously, America? We’re staging a mutiny over a coffee cup?
  2. On the inability to regain sleep-wake cycle: What do you new moms do once your baby starts sleeping and now you can, too? I’ve been turning to benadryl to try and help me go to sleep at a normal time. Waking up at a normal time remains a challenge. I’m pushing 12 to 13 hours of sleep a day. Like. a. boss. Hey, I’m on vacation, right?
  3. Approaching 30 Years Old: I now have a keen interest in an aggressive anti-aging skin care regimen. Armed with moisturizers and retinol, I’m going to combat fine lines and wrinkles with as much fervor as I train for marathon. I’m sure its going to work splendidly. [Not]. Any dermatologist out there want to help in my efforts? I’m just a poor girl looking for some collagen boosting and retin-A (apparently, retinol is best for wrinkles). I would also love some help with this contact dermatitis-eczema situation which is plaguing my entire body (unfortunately, it appears I’m allergic to scrubs– oh calamity.)
  4. On What I Want For My 30th Birthday: La Croix seltzer; a cake with name on it; Skin care products (see above); Funds for exercising; Funds for exercise clothing and running shoes; Funds for egg freezing; a husband. This is a modest list, don’t you think? I believe it can all be found at your local Target.
  5. On Good Books I Have Read Lately: Girl On The Train, Big Little Lies, Primates of Park Avenue. I just started Daring Greatly and I really like it. I’m usually not into “self help” books, because I think I have had a pretty nice life and “hate to complain,” but its a nice mix of research and anecdotes, which I like.
  6. On the Bellevue Labor Lounge Makeover: This will be my generations lasting legacy to all future NYU residents. Repainted. Refurbished. This was something worth staging a mutiny over…
  7. On tennis: More people should play. Its very therapeutic. Its also nice to do something that you’re moderately good at once and a while. And, its way more fun playing now because it doesn’t matter if I’m good or not. So, what if I want to hit an inside out backhand. I CAN AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME NOT TO!

That is all I have to say for now.

Night night.

Until next time…


One thought on “Greetings, Friends

  1. Night float SOUNDS like something that should be done on a down-filled mattress pad with a down-filled comforter on top. Who came up with that term anyways? On the subject of wrinkles.. sunscreen, every day, 365 days a year, part of your daily regimen right after your moisturizer. I like Shiseido sunscreen, they are approved by the American Skin Cancer Foundation, what ever that means. But even drugstores brands are good. LaRoche Posay has a good one. As for contact dermatitis, prescriptions are the way to go. Topicort (Desoximetasone) for the body, Desonate for the face. Find a friendly dermatologist who enjoys sharing samples of these items, that’s what I do. For eczema (why is it not spelled exzema), get Clobetasol Propionate 0.05%.

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