Greetings From The Land of Nod:

Hello from the world of night float.

This is residency terminology for working at night.

We work from 6 pm to 8 am. That’s 14 hours. You then get 10 off. Because we are required to. It seems like a lot but 10 hours really isn’t all that much when you try to factor in doing something for yourself.

Anyways, living opposite of the world is really weird. I am about to sleep.

Good things about nights:

1 – As my co-resident, Meagan, said, “You can get through to customer service for anything in no time at 2 am.”

2- *USUALLY* (caveat, usually) you deal with less BS and more real stuff. This does not always include consults from the ED.

3 – There are no waits for elevators

4- No one will judge how much coffee you drink

5 – When you wake up, you have tons of emails and texts so you feel like people actually care about you, which is nice. It is good to start your night off with a warm and fuzzy feeling since you have little contact with the outside world when you’re on nights.

6 – Sometimes you can go to a doctor or dentist yourself. Did I fall asleep in a dentist chair while on Tisch OB nights last year? Yes.

Bad things about nights:

1- Its exhausting

2 – You’re always tired

3- You can sleep at any point of the day until you develop night float insomnia where you can’t sleep

4- Your eating schedule is totally whack (I eat a snack when I wake up, then dinner, then a 2 am snack then breakfast)

5- Your circadian rhythm is funky and I’m pretty sure this is affecting my hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis and affecting my ovaries for reasons I will not go into but I HAVE MY THEORIES AND I’M A GYNECOLOGIST!

6 – Working out is hard bc you are always tired but you do it anyways. In this vein, I have proved to myself that I can run 4 miles in my sleep. I tell myself that in races when I get to 4 miles left. “You have actually done this in your sleep, this is nothing now that you are awake.”

That is all for now. I have to go to sleep.

Until next time…

Daily (nightly?) coffee tally: 4


3 thoughts on “Greetings From The Land of Nod:

  1. 14 hours on, 10 off, nocturnally… you doctor people are amazing. My boyfriend worked 3rd shift (normal/non-doctor version) for the first year we were dating, and it was so weird… he would come over to my house, eat dinner, take a little nap and then go to work. oh and he has narcolepsy… so yeah, I think it was interesting for him, LOL. glad that’s over!

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