Sometimes, its really hard to leave your “work brain.”

You know this is true, when your phone rings (for a food delivery AT YOU APARTMENT) and you answer, “labor!”

(FYI – when you’re on the labor floor, that’s how you answer the phone)


Can we also discuss something?

How many more shootings are we going to have until gun laws are changed?

Like how many dead people do they need to prove a point? This is terrible.

By the way, if I were to run for president, my platform would be four fold. It includes the following:

  1. Addressing untreated mental illness
  2. Exposing the sugar/food industry
  3. Improving access to birth control
  4. Mandatory exercise

It seems that a lot of shootings, violence, etc stem from undiagnosed mental illness. Schizophrenia. Depression. Anxiety. Bipolar disoder. Like I tell my patients, these entities are disease, just like diabetes, heart disease, or asthma. They’re derived from chemical imbalances in the brain and, likely, some other pathways we don’t fully understand, yet (although, its been a while since I did psych). The hardest parts of care for mental illness include improving access, removing stigmas from mental illness, and having patients both recognize and engage in his or her treatment.

Second, the sugar industry needs to be exposed like the tobacco industry was in the 1960s (or thereabouts). The amount of added sugar in our diets and the concomitant changes in physiology/biochemistry it astounding.

Third, birth control. Women need choices. You can use it if you want to or you don’t have to. But, you should have the right to have control over your body and when you want to reproduce. At least in my opinion. Women like control. Give it to them.

Mandatory exercise. I will say it 100 times — there is no problem in the world that you cannot solve in a 5 mile run. Listen, endorphins activate those opioid receptors, like heroin. Not that I’ve ever done heroin (nor want to), but I’ve exercised a lot. And, let me tell you, the activation of that little opioid receptor will bring you euphoria….once you get over the initial part of exercise being a little bit hard.

Do kids still do that Presidential physical fitness test? If I were president, I would bring that back. A real Presidential #tbt. Except I’d make everyone do it.

I mean, you liked that test, right? It was the HIGHLIGHT of gym class for me. I mean, not that I liked trying to show off my gymnastics at all. Never not me. (Jk, pull up day was my favorite – school record, people! Sit and reach – nailed. But the mile run? The mile runs was actually my Achilles heel.)

Or, Jump Rope For Life! I don’t know what we were jumping rope for, but let’s just bring that back, too. We’ll make everyone do all the stuff 90s kids did, minus the drinking Sunny-D after (what was in that stuff? Besides the power of the sun…that you had to unleash).

Come to think of it, I’ve got a pretty solid platform. I mean, foreign policy, the Middle East, and such can fit in there somewhere. Or maybe I’d just get my Cabinet to take care of that.

Alright, that’s all for now.

I’m going to bed.

Night night.

Until Next Time.

Daily Coffee Tally: 3


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