Packing For Mars

Apparently, there is water on Mars. So, we can really go there now. If you wanted to. I guess.

I know there are a lot of really smart people working on space exploration and discovering if there is life on Mars, but….what are we supposed to do with the information we gain from Mars?

I would be really stoked if we find Martians one day. But, like is it going to help us?

Also, how long does it take to get to Mars? How much would you have to take with you? How many years would you have to eat freeze dried food for?

Anyways, moving on.

BOB (Bellevue OB) has really been slamming us with deliveries. We had four today! 3 NSVD (normal spontaneous vaginal delivery) and 1 C/S (Cesarean section).

We filled the entire board. And then we delivered half of it. Thank God for multips (i.e. people who have had a baby before).

Seriously, all women out there. The first delivery is brutal, the second kid is way easier. Do yourself a favor and save the natural delivery plan for the 2nd kid. It will go way easier! Seriously. Those 2nd, 3rd, 4th kids…they can fly out.

The best part about OB is that when you are busy like that, the day files by. I usually start my day and the next thing I know, its 4 pm.

Finally, fun facts about me that are completely irrelevant:

  1. I have never listened to a podcast or a TED talk. I keep meaning to. And then I keep falling asleep.
  2. I hold my breath when I do most any exercise besides running. For this reason, I’m one of the world’s worst yogis.
  3. I didn’t have a banana or avocado until I was 17 and 18, respectively.
  4. My favorite dream about work (yes, they happen; I’ve been pregnant in my dreams) is that I delivered twins vaginally alone as an intern. I then layer the twins on paper towels, labeled them A and B. Then, when then attending got there (for some reason I like secretly did the delivery alone) I go, “Look! Look what I did! Twins!” Dr. Lajoie, if you read this, you were the attending in my dream. The mom was totally cool with it all in this dream, as well.

Night night.

Until next time..

Daily coffee tally: 2


One thought on “Packing For Mars

  1. So I’ve been reading for a while now and never commented, but for some reason I find it fascinating that you never had a banana until you were 17! Was it an epic moment when you finally tried one?? Also, as a 28 year old who can totally relate to the type-A personality thing but who would never ever want to be a doctor, I’ve been really enjoying these daily posts!

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