How To Identify Someone Post (24 Hr) Call:

  1. The confused girl in Staples with a lot of multi-colored pens:
    1. Things you should absolutely NOT do post call are go into Staples. I spent like 5 minutes staring at this package of pencils wondering if this is for children or adults. They are fun and colorful, making me think they are for children. The also look “wide point” meaning maybe also for children. But, then they are with the rest of the adult pens and pencils. It was a lot to wrap my head around. IMG_7665
    2. I almost bought more Moleskin note books. Then, I realized I had some unfilled ones still. I’m a sucker for the graph paper ones and they had a pile of them. Type A’s get high on graph paper.
  2. Can’t answer the question, “Do you want all of your groceries in one bag?”
    1. Responses that went through my head: 1) “You’re the grocery bagger. Use your judgement?” 2) “Why ask me such an emotionally charged question right now? I’m weak and not sure which is harder – one heavy bag or two less heavier ones.” 3) “Cool story bro”
  3. Spontaneously cries at any somewhat heart-warming story.
    1. Salad delivery man in elevator with me said, “Can you press 9? I’m tired. I’m working so much.” To which I replied, “More work, more money!” (I mean, unless you’re a resident) To which he responded, “Yeah, I need the money, I’m trying to save up to go back to school.” TEARS. TEARS. TEARS. THE AMERICAN DREAM. MORE TEARS.
    2. Don’t ask me about the time I almost cried during a C-section when I found out our scrub tech worked two scrub jobs to provide for his four children. I was like, “Do we have Kleenex in this OR?! Babies and two job workers, its too much!”
    3. Remind me NEVER to watch the following post call: The Fox and the Hound, Up, The Help, Marley and Me, King Kong, The Green Mile. I’m not sure I’d be able to come back from that.
  4. Read a paper about steroids and one of the adverse effects was “increased energy, inability to sleep.”
    1. And subsequently think, “Can they give this to residents.”
  5. Not care about diet and exercise.
    1. Generally, I love my little exercise habit and healthy eating penchant. It makes me feel good. Post call, its like “screw it, I’m tired.” I ate fried chicken today and a red velvet cupcake (so worth it). And, once I just started eating one of my co-residents bacon without asking during an article review (which I was not participating in) after a particularly bad  night.
    2. Most of the time I do exercise post call, because its usually the best part of my day. Today, after 2 hours of sleep, I deferred.

Speaking of sleep, that is where I am headed now. I’m going to eat something that resembles dinner and pass out.

Daily coffee tally: What day is it? I mean, at least 2 maybe 3. When did this day start and end?


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