The Magic of Tidying Up

I read that book last year.

I was compelled to get rid of everything. Well, not everything, but a lot of things. But, then I had to work. And work some more. And, now, its today.

My favorite thing she said in that book was, “Even if you haven’t used something, if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it! And, you can think  ‘ thank you for teaching me that I don’t need you.'”

Finally, someone who can make you feel ok about getting rid of the junk you thought your needed, but didn’t need.

Anyways, our work room at Bellevue is in serious need of an overall.

Another resident and I have staged a mutiny and are taking it upon ourselves to “tidy it up.”

Ok, not so much on the mutiny part, but we are “tidying up.”

There is stuff in that room from the 1980s. I’m sure of it.

In addition to throwing away lots of stuff, I redid “the board” today.

All of our “to dos” for the labor floor and such are written on a white board. Really takes me back to high school.

The white board gets gross. It is lined in electrical tape, which can peel and then that leaves marks.

I have a touch of obsessive compulsive personality disorder and, in my old age, have been increasingly disturbed by disorder and things that are tidy. Just ask my intern – I would come in early sometimes on Bellevue GYN to write the vitals on my route neatly in my own handwriting instead of scribbling during rounds. Ok, maybe this is actually excessive. But, I just like things to be neat and readable.

I would’ve made such a good school teacher. “WRITE LEGIBLY OR ELSE!!!”

Anyways, it was a pretty big project today, but I finished “the board” and moved some stuff around.

Co-residents and future NYU OB/GYN residents, you’re welcome.



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