On being like a “real person…”

I got to go into work today at 9.



Usually I’m on like coffee #2 by then.

We have a few rotations where we get to come in at 9. And, it is glorious. You feel like you can actually do something in the morning besides wake up, roll out of bed and dress in essentially blue pajamas, shove some food and a coffee down your face, and go to work for 13-14 hours.

Literally, nothing made me happier this morning than being to go to CVS and get coffee after boxing class ALL BEFORE GETTING TO WORK.

It felt criminal almost. Like I was being a bad resident by, God forbid, doing something for my personal life.

I could’ve even sworn there were birds chirping today.

Birch coffee and CVS will do that for you. And sunshine.

Also, the labor floor was bananas this week so a few minutes of usual chaos on a NYC street seemed, actually, quite peaceful.

I am on call 24 hours tomorrow which means working 24 hours. I have been told I need to change what I tell people because on call sounds like I’m resting at home with a pager. It is the opposite of that.

Where will I be getting my stethoscope for rounds? Nurses! #nursesunite . I mean, I would’ve crawled in a whole and died if it were not for the nurses on, say, the Tisch Labor Floor my intern year.

Anyways, that’s all for now…

Until next time..

Daily coffee tally: 2


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