BOB, You Outdid Yourself

Yes, Jim Bob — 19 children is enough.

Just kidding, not that Bob. BOB. Bellevue OB. Refer to last night’s post if you are confused.

BOB, you really outdid yourself today. 6 deliveries from 7 am to 6 pm. This is a new record for me at Bellevue.

The one checkbox I do really love checking with all of those deliveries is “the log.”

In addition to sending telegrams and using fax machines, we still use a written delivery log. In order. Of every delivery at Bellevue.

Of all of the delivery stuff, the log is my favorite. I don’t know why. I like filling out forms, I guess. And, its cool to see all the information about a delivery written out.

Or something like that.

BOB wore me out so much today that I didn’t even exercise. I know, I’m really letting myself go.

I did run around all day though. Up and down and up and down and up and down that labor floor. That’s like interval training, right?

In other news, I learned to put contacts in over vacation.

So far, I have managed to a void incurring a raging eye infection seeing as I have to basically manhandle my own eye lids and eye to get the contact in and out. I’m sure I’m colonized with some crazy multi-drug resistant bacteria. Thankfully, careful hand washing has thus far worked in preventing me from having some wicked infection.

Further, I have yet to abrade a cornea. I was legitimately concerned about this after taking my contacts out, seeing as I basically pinch my eye ball to find it and take it out.

One benefit of going to medical school is that you end up with friends in many fields. So, when I was worried by cornea was at risk, I texted one of my friends, “So can you give yourself a corneal abrasion getting  contact out?” He said probably not… that it would be hard to do.

Let’s hope I keep that trend alive.

In even other news, while I was at home, I read a book that had nothing to do with OB/GYN. It was wonderful. I read “Girl On The Train” and am now in the middle of “Big Little Lies,” which probably won’t be finished until my next vacation.

That is all for now.

I am tired.

Night night.

Until next time..

Daily Coffee Tally: 3-ish (2 half drunk because #notime)


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