The “We Did It!” Moment

If today were an episode of Sesame Street, it would have been brought to you by the phrase “You/we did it!”

In the OR today, during my total abdominal hysterectomy, I, apparently, did a better job at skeletonizing the uterines than last week. And, my attending kept going, “There you go! You did it!”

I think she actually said this with every step. As well as, “ok, now keeping going already…”

The OR is like a dance, they say – you should always be moving. Fluid. Seamless. Efficient.

Later in the afternoon, we had a family meeting for a patient. These usually involve multiple teams to discuss a patient’s care and course.

Come to find out, the attending on another service caring for my patient was one of my fellow med students.

[We started in the same class, then I took a research year between 3rd and 4th years, and he did a 3 year residency…if you were trying to do the math on that one!]

It was really interesting to hear him talk, very eloquently, about fluid shifts, electrolytes, optimizing the status of the patient to handle treatment.

It was weird to think back to being in the same hospital as 3rd year medical students and, even further back, in anatomy lab.

I had this secret thought to myself during the meeting. Like “OMG, we actually did this. This doctor thing.”

I don’t think you ever question that you’re going to become a doctor once you enter medical school. But, like they say, the days are long the years are short. I can still see one of my other co-med students, who is now a chief resident, in the library with a huge pile of notecards and me with 16 different colored pens and highlighters rewriting notes after notes after notes (I liked to go through each lecture three times to distill details notes to less detailed notes to bare minimum to then review before the test). And now we like…know things. Its weird. But cool. And empowering. Its also a very expensive process. Beware.

By the way, if you want to know the real secret to learning something….write it down. Over and over and over again.

There is something really powerful about putting pen to paper. It engrains it in your brain.

At least, that is my experience.

Finally, a thought for you people out there — do you think its bad, at a certain age, to have dreams that you know won’t come true, but are cool to think about anyway.

I mean, 29 isn’t old — but it’s not 18.

Secret dream (or not so secret): be a doctor part time and teach high school chemistry part time (is that a thing). I love teaching. I’m not good at many things (do not ask me to cook for you, use your can opener, put something together…), but I think I’m a good teacher. My forte is making good analogies — like the time I compared culturing and identifying bacteria to Facebook stalking guys. Different stains to use? Its like an Instagram filter! Duh…

Anyways, enough about me…

You can tell me your secret dreams. In the comments. Share away!

Speaking of, I’m off to dream world.

Night night…

Until next time…

Daily Coffee Tally: 3 (the 4:15 pm coffee was CLUTCH. I’m going to write that down. I think its going to be a game changer)


4 thoughts on “The “We Did It!” Moment

  1. My secret dream was (is) to be a young mom, probably because my mom was. But that wont be happening since I’m 33 & not a mom yet. (Husband is a Dr, I’m not in medicine… he’s doing a fellowship in pediatric nephrology- 2nd year currently) so his career meant putting off babies for us. Thus, I will be an old mom, but in my fantasies I’m always younger.

  2. I love this. There gets to be a point in any career where you no longer feel like you are faking everything – you actually get some of what you are doing. Not everything, but a few things.

    Go Meggie!

  3. So nice to hear that at *some* point, you feel like you get it. I just finished the first week of my first rotation of third year, and man, “getting it” seems so far away!

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