Thought Bubbles From The Day

Here are some, but not all:

[with some context for some of them]

*4 am texts from night team regarding admissions* –> “This day is off to an auspicious start – two patients went to OR overnight and another admission…should I start the caffeine drip now?”

*when you’re struggling with a new to you instrument* –> “My hand is not big enough for this! That’s it! Its not me. Its the manufacturer of this instrument.” [After thought — definitely wasn’t holding it right.]

“Is Surgical Solutions a Bellevue thing only? Or is that a company?”

“The OR is like a 3 ring circus sometimes — anesthesia, scrubs, surgeons.”

“Thank God Dr. Lerner knows how to work everything in here.”

“Am I sweating from stress or is the Bair Hugger blowing on me?” (Combination of both)

“Can’t JK Rowling write just one more Harry Potter book?”

“I want more coffee” <– this is on repeat

“I feel like Lupe Fiasco really understands the life of a resident.” (Listen to “The Show Goes On” and “Battle Scars”)

On doing my first total laparoscopic hysterectomy (TLH — THANKS DR LERNER!!!) –> “Seriously, if I can do this, anyone can be a surgeon. Can openers are still hard for me. And, look at me now!!!”

“Written cards really need to make a comeback. Snail mail. Its vintage. Let’s get on board. And cursive writing.”

That’s all.

And, finally, you should read this article that I got from my former favorite fellow (now attending) regarding talking to a patient who is dying. –> Link –>

Night Night.

Until next time..

Daily Coffee Tally: 2

[PS – super looking forward to grand rounds tomorrow – coffee!]


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