The US Open started today.

Possibly forgotten fact – once upon a time, I played tennis.

I had an extensive collection of visors. I'll prove it to you….

I had an extensive collection of visors. I’ll prove it to you….

Another visor

Another visor

Another one....

Another one….

I really liked visors… (why? because you can still have a high ponytail!)

I really liked visors… (why? because you can still have a high ponytail!)

Beyond collecting an extensive repertoire of dri-fit gear, one reason you should put your child into tennis, or any sport, for that matter, that you learn how to fight.

In a tennis match, you are alone. There is no coaching. No phone a friend. In addition, unfortunately, in junior tennis, there is also a lot of cheating.

Suffice it to say, you have to learn to stand up for yourself. You have to go and get a lines judge if you think you’re being cheated. You have to learn to fight back when you’re down 4-0 and can’t hit the side of a barn. You learn to fight for yourself because no one else can.

I’m thankful my parents put me in every sport imaginable and that my mom, ever the fighter, taught me, as well, not to back down.

Like, in the 9th grade, when apparently I didn’t score high enough on my 8th grade TCAP or PCAP or Redcap or whatever the Tennessee standardized test is called to qualify for honors English or honors Biology. My sub-par test scores were likely two fold: partially because my middle school was more of a holding pen than place of higher education (although if you could make it at Bearden Middle, you can make it anyway; its tougher than New York) and partially because in the 8th grade I was more concerned with when the GAP was going to get a new shipment in (did I call the store often? Yes…I’ve always been persistent).

I fought to get myself into those classes because I thought I could handle them. I think I got As (if my memory serves me correctly). And, I think I ended up doing ok for myself, academically speaking.

Or, like today, when I got wind of the fact that some of my surgeries I scheduled might be cancelled by SCC. I stormed (literally stormed) up from clinic to SCC (“YOU WILL NOT CANCEL THESE CASES I FOUGHT SO HARD FOR!) prepared to raise some hell to get my cases to the OR.

[Side note: In my head, I was also crafting an email to the head of HHC and, of course, straight to the top – Mayor De Blasio – regarding my frustrations. Don’t go down without a real fight, right?]

[Side note: Also cue Lupe Fiasco’s “The Show Goes On” as the background to my storming up to SCC.]

Sometimes you just have to fight.

Prove you can’t be easily tossed aside. That you’re not disposable.

Ok, that’s all I have to say for today.

Don your Serena cat suits and get your rackets swinging, folks.

You do remember the 2002 US Open Serena cat suit right?

Night night…

Until next time..

Daily coffee tally: 2.5


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