Things I Have Learned From SCC

SCC is the “Surgical Coordinating Center,” specifically speaking of the one at our public hospital (that I train at).

This office is the gateway to getting your patient to the OR. SCC loves to make the residents really work for it. You have to really want to get your patient to the OR. Why? Because, inevitably, there are lots of long lines and red tape for these patients. And, you, dear hard working, sleepless resident are there to break.down.those.barriers.

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” <– battle cry of booking resident

I’ve been griping about SCC for the past 6 weeks.

Today, I decided that I could learn something from them.

Here’s a list:

  1. Be unwavering and unrelenting in your rules
  2. There is still a place for fax machines in 2015. Modern technology and ICloud be dammed!
  3. Be very particular.
  4. Be somewhat mysterious.

Before being the booking/BGYN third year, I actually had a strong distrust of fax machines. I mean, where on earth does the copy go and how does it magically end up printed somewhere else?! Its like the ICloud — where is this cloud and where are the faxes going in the air?

I don’t understand old or modern technology, clearly.

Somehow, the zillions of faxed forms to SCC from Bellevue clinic and L&D have made it. I consider this a miracle. I did fax each form twice – once with the area code and once with just the internal Bellevue extension number. Why? Because you can never be too neurotic when you’re having to trust virtual paper transmitted magically in the air.

You know what is also still a “thing” that I have used in my residency? Telegrams.

When you can’t get a hold of a patient by phone or carrier pigeon, there are telegrams. And, they actually work!

I guess life wasn’t so bad before the iPhone…

Anyways, that is all. I am tired. I did two hysterectomies today (THANKS TARANEH AND DR. BAUTISTA, neither of which who will probably see this!). So, that was a big day for me!

I went really risky too – I drank a small coffee AND a full seltzer in between cases to maintain both adequate caffeination and hydration. Fortunately, my bladder did not burst.

Alright, that’s really it.

Night night.

Until next time…

Daily Coffee Tally: 2.5-3 (depending on what you count as a full coffee)


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