Dear Mr or Ms Anesthesiologist,

First, I am sorry I call you “anesthesia”

Sometimes you switch people. And so when I do remember a name then its a different person behind the curtain.

Do you ever feel like the Wizard of Oz behind there? Behind the curtain.

Because you should. I mean, it fits right? Giant machine. Behind a curtain. You see it, right?

Also, please explain to me this gas situation and how we are all not falling asleep because I’m sure some of that sevofluorane seeps out of the mask and tube.

Next time, can you please also give me an IV and foley catheter. I have never been so thirsty as I am after 7 hours in the OR.

Speaking of, today, after 7 hours in said OR, thanks for letting me sit in your chair while we were on hold for space in the PACU.

Thank you for dealing with the arm boards. I cannot for the life of me figure out getting the arm boards on and off. I’ll stick with the stirrups, you take the arms.

When you put the IV in in holding, insert like 6 emojis above my head, including the hands up and clapping hands emojis.

I’m sorry you have to empty the foley. There is literally nothing I wouldn’t want to do than empty a foley. I don’t know why. I think I’m just afraid of like urine splattering everywhere.

Am I angry you get lunch breaks and get to leave at 4 or 5 if you’re not on call? Yes, yes I am.

But, that’s ok, because you raise and lower the table for me and, if I could, I’d send you a thumbs up emoji for that.

That’s all I have to say for today. I am tired. The OR wore me out.

Until next time…

Daily coffee tally: 1.5 (NOT ENOUGH)


4 thoughts on “Dear Mr or Ms Anesthesiologist,

  1. I try to say, “Are you from anesthesia?” rather than “Are you anesthesia?” A doctor got snippy at me once and told me their name wasn’t “Anesthesia.” Shockingly, I don’t know the name of every single person in the hospital. But I get it.

    I hate emptying Foley bags. HATE IT. I hate the smell of old urine.

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