August Makes Me Want To Buy School Supplies

Why must there be so many awesome school supplies and planners out there?

I mean, between Day Designer, Moleskine Notebooks, pens with FINE ball point (I hate medium ball point but I live with it), binder rings (anyone from my residency program will know how much I love binder rings), Korean planners….its all too much.

Speaking of school, the best part of school was getting the gold star, an A, or a good job. For those of us who went to medical school, you extended the ability to earn gold stars and feel good about yourself until your mid-20s.

[FYI – I was once chosen as line leader for three weeks in a row in the first grade. It remains among my top 10 proudest moments in my life. It was the pinnacle of being 7 years old. Did I mention I liked being the teacher’s favorite?]

Anyways, I still seek out a lot of those “gold stars.” If someone tells me “good job,” just insert a thought bubble with the party celebration emoji and an image of me slapping something on my parent’s refrigerator to be like “LOOK, MOM AND DAD, I’M AWESOME!”

This worries me.

I mean, at some point, I’m going to have to stop seeking extrinsic validation and be intrinsically satisfied.

Does this happen at age 30?

Anyways, until then, I’ll be trying to make it rain gold stars.

On another note, I feel like people a lot of time as me about my work schedule and such. And what I do all day.

So, here is last week, in synopsis version. The Cliff Notes of my life…

[For reference, I’m on the GYN service at our public hospital. This is one of our harder rotations as we can get a good amount of consults and have really sick patients, too.]

Monday: Luck out and no inpatients, wake up at 6, run 4 miles, get text that there is a consult, shower and run into hospital by 8 rather than planned meeting time of 8:30, clinic from 9-5, run back to floor and wrap up day with consults and to-dos, sign out at 6, leave at 6:15 (MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!), boxing class

Tuesday: Round at 6:45, Goldstein rounds at 7 (teaching seminar of sorts), OR starts at 8, ultrasound during a T&O (tandem and ovoid placement — for targeted radiation for cervical cancer), do a debulking case for presumed ovarian cancer and GET TO DO THE HYST (insert hands up emoji), finish by 4, wrap up day (consults, to-dos), PM round, sign out at 6, leave by 6:30 (GOD HAS SMILED ON OUR SERVICE THUS FAR THIS WEEK), write down all the steps and notes from the hyst, boxing class

Wednesday: Round at 6:10, ICR (Integrated Care Rounds — formerly know as M&M or Morbidity and Mortality — every department has these, FYI) at 7:15, OR at 9, two laparoscopic endometriosis cases, to do a long endo case, you must have the patience of Job, finish at 4-4:30 pm, wrap up day (consults, to-dos), PM round, sing out at 6, leave at 6:35 (HOW DID I GET THIS LUCKY?), run 6-ish miles with Meagan, read some

Thursday: Round at 8, lots of patients!, run to clinic by 9, clinic from 9-5, run back to floor, wrap up service, lots of consults and new patients, admit a few, sign out at 7 to night team because we were still doing stuff at 6, leave at 7:30, read, no exercise too tired

Friday: conference for 3rd years at 8 while rest of team rounds, didactics 9-12, teaching on insertion of new IUD (Liletta) 12-1, work on booking stuff/floor/consults from 1-6, get sign out on labor floor at 6, on call from 6 pm until 7:30 pm that morning which means we are working and covering L&D/antepartum/postpartum/GYN service/GYN consult pager (there are 3of us – an intern, a 3rd yr, and a chief), lay my head down for one hour two times each, glorious,….goes into Saturday…

Saturday: sign out at 7:30 am, leave at 8:15 am, in bed by 9 am, sleep 9 am to 2 pm, wake up and run with jocelyn who brought me coffee (!), run 10 miles, start to feel really lethargic and heavy at 8 but push through, drink another coffee, work on pre-op list, sleep

Sunday: wake up at 7, work on pre-op list, work on articles to read for the month, order new clogs for bellevue, schedule hair highlighting, talk to family, 11:45 spin with jaws, coffee, whole foods, research, book flights, facial at HeyDay down the strew,(FANTASTIC) because I feel I need to do something outside of my apartment and where I can’t look at my phone or email, talk to family again, eat dinner, ice cream at Mikey Likes It because I really really wanted ice cream (since giving up dessert and decreasing sugar in April, i’ve had ice cream 4 times as opposed to the nightly dessert, something I’m very proud of), write this

Night night…

Until next time…

Daily coffee tally: 2 (one Birch, one Gasoline Alley)


2 thoughts on “August Makes Me Want To Buy School Supplies

  1. Really interesting to get a snapshot of your schedule! I’m currently trying to snag a research meeting (I’m an imaging research engineer) with one of our ortho surgeons – if his schedule is at all similar I totally get why we’re on week 3 of re-scheduling now 😛

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