Operating Is Tiring

When you are tired, drink water.

I was in the OR most of the day today — from about 9 am to 4 pm. For people who are curious what the “work day” is like, we rounded at 6:10 am and I left the hospital at 6:30 pm. Leaving at that hour on the rotation I am on is “good.”

Operating is very tiring. In fact, it can be exhausting.

It can also leave you very thirsty.

This is a giant problem.

You see, in medicine you generally cannot eat/drink/pee at your own leisure, especially if you’re a surgeon. You cannot drink too much so as not to have to pee. But, you also have to live and, given that the body is a vast majority of water, you have to drink something.

Coffee is also an issue. A little known fact is that about 30% of a residents plasma volume (the “water” component of blood, so to speak) is caffeine (joking). You have to drink enough of your requisite caffeine requirement to be alert and oriented, but you cannot drink too much given its diuretic effect (caffeine inhibits the receptor of anti-diuretic hormone if you really wanted to know…if I remember correctly).

You have know idea how much I think about when I can drink something and when I can pee. I am also very thankful for attendings who understand the necessity to pee before a case. It makes a huge difference.e

I’m surprised anyone reads this blog — all I talk about is vaginas and urine, apparently.

Anyways, I was so tired after the OR that I thought I would definitely not be able to run with my co-resident due to fatigue, dehydration, and overall resident lethargy.

Then, I drank a seltzer.

This can cure many problems, including overall resident lethargy.

I also housed a bag of Skinny Pop and pistachios. Does it sometimes occur to me that my hand was a few minutes ago in someone’s abdomen and now I’m using it to feed myself? Yes.

Fortunately, I haven’t died or contracted any weird illnesses, yet. I do break out into gnarly rashes frequently though…

(Differential Diagnosis: contact dermatitis, eczema, poison ivy if I ever saw the outdoors…)

We ran 6-ish miles. It was lovely. It was hot and humid; perfect for those of us who love summer running.

I am now drinking another seltzer.

When am I getting a endorsement deal with La Croix?

I learned a lot in the OR today, but I am too tired to tell you about it.

This means I probably need another seltzer.

Or to go to sleep.

Night night…

Until next time..

Daily Coffee Tally: 2


One thought on “Operating Is Tiring

  1. Whenever I’m working with a new nurse and we’re about to do a long wound care, I always tells them to drink something and pee – we’re in it for the long haul, and we can’t have someone duck out to pee while holding body parts!

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