Not A Lot

My arms are sore from boxing.

I hope this doesn’t affect my retraction skills tomorrow. We have an open case.

Actually, I hope I get to do the hyst/BSO. After that, I’m ok retracting.

It is, after all, one of the best isometric exercises you can ever do.

I’m going to start a new workout class.

I’m going to give everyone two Briesky retractors and make them hold them for 2 hours straight.

The catch will be that you also have to curve your body in a weird position so as to not get in the way of the primary and assistant surgeons.

Yes, I will name this class “Arms by Vag Hyst.”

That is, it is a recreation of the arm workout you get when retracting in a vaginal hysterectomy.

It both callouses the mind and body. You learn your arms can tolerate a very long time in one position. You also realize that your arms can, at points, go numb.

But, enough about retracting.

I think someone in New York should invent a screaming class.

Get a sound proof room and give everyone Bose headphones and then they can scream their hearts out.

Its like yoga for the type A, Wall street type.

Red eyes will be served after.

Speaking of yoga, raise your hand if you breathe out loud when they tell you to. Or ohm.

I cannot do these things. The thought gives me hives. But, I’m work on it.

Speaking of hives, I have become the most atopic individual on the planet. I get contact dermatitis just looking at something.

Case in point, I think the rash on my arms is from boxing gloves.

Damn you, exercise. First, I get contact dermatitis on my feet. Now my arms.

Wait, am I allergic to exercise?!

No, it can’t be. The thought is too tragic.

Anyways, that is all for now.

I am tired.

Night night.

Until next time…

Daily Coffee Tally: 3

One thought on “Not A Lot

  1. I totally OM in yoga class. When it seems like the whole class’s OM is in tune, I get chills… and when the OM sounds all out of tune and horrible, it makes me laugh. So a win either way! The studio I go to most here in Seattle is called The Grinning Yogi so they don’t take the yoga too seriously.

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