I Have A Lot To Say…

About booking clinic and the HURDLES. OBSTACLES. TRIUMPS. FAILURES… that is booking a patient for surgery.

But, I won’t because I’m sure I will sound like a whiny brat.

Instead, I’m going to play Whitney Houston’s, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength,” and be like “Yes, Meggie, you can fax another form to SCC!”

I think the most frustrating part about being the “booking resident” is that everything is in 600 different places. Ok, 3. But still. You have the note, labs, tests in the electronic medical record, the calendar where the residents keep track of the cases booked, and then the online OR scheduler that is only on one computer (that we have access to, at least). You then have to go there to make sure they are booked for the OR and have the appropriate surgical clearance appointment.

I mean, in the age of the iPad and Apple Watch, CAN WE NOT JUST MERGE EVERYTHING INTO ONE PLACE?!?

Well, first we have to get WiFi at Bellevue…

I have a dream! It is WiFi at Bellevue! Or at least adequate cell coverage!

Moving on….

I got coconut water from Juice Generation on Sunday. I drank half. Froze the rest. It was very good. I recommend that you try this in addition to putting cinnamon in one’s coffee.

I don’t know if coconut is anti-aging or anti-inflammatory, but we can just say it is.

On a final note, you know who rocks? Warren Buffett! 

Secretly supporting reproductive health and research on IUD technology?! Can we throw his hat in the ring for president these days? I hear everyone is doing it.


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