I Wanted To Be A Millionaire, But….

SoulCycle is having an IPO. Or they’re offering an IPO. Or they announced an IPO. Or however it is that you correctly say it.

I saw it on the Skimm this morning.

I screen shot’ed to my dad and said “Please put my piggy bank savings into this.”

I know as much about finance, stocks, and the like as my coffee table.

But, honestly, it just doesn’t make any sense to me.

For instance, when they asked me who I wanted to be the beneficiary of my savings accounts I said, “duh, me…I am the one benefitting from this money.”

Apparently, that is not the definition.

Thankfully, my dad is more legally and financially inclined than I and explained that you have to have a lot of money to take part in an IPO. Basically, you have to be Goldman-Sachs or Warren Buffet or Lebron James or something. The little people can’t get it on the goods until much later.

So, little people of the financial world, LETS RISE UP! I WANT TO BUY STOCK IN SOULCYCLE.

And, if not this, then I say we take on getting the United States to adopt the European tradition of taking the entire month of August as a “holiday” and reprieve from normal work schedules. At the very least, let’s please adopt the siesta.

Speaking of August, I thought today was August 1st. It’s not. It’s still July. I’ve officially entered a residency time warp.

Going back to SoulCycle, I went really ballsy today and went for the 3 lb weights. I don’t know what possessed me to do this; maybe it was a relative heat stroke causing transient amnesia that the 3 lbs weights actually feel heavy in that class. I am convinced gravity is altered in that room as any hand weight in there feels significantly heavier than in the outside world.

We also all got two waters today since it was so hot. I was really stoked about this. ITS RAINING SMART WATER!

Finally, observations on the work day and medicine in general:

– My presentation on glyburide vs metformin vs insulin wasn’t as good as some of my others, but oh well. I do 2 of them a week for the next month. One of them has to be sub par.

– Medicine, albeit complicated, is much more equitable than other fields of work, I think. Bottom line: you have to work hard and study; it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. [Although there is that whole cost of med school thing, which might the prohibitive for many. So many medicine isn’t always all that fair…]

– Who gets sick and who doesn’t get sick is 100% not fair.

– If you want to find a good doctor, ask another doctor. Specifically, ask someone who is still in training – they will refer you to someone who they respect and, in turn, is a good doctor. [Unless your friend is of questionable character or judgement qualities leave something to be desired…]

– To excel in obstetrics, develop a mild hyperactivity disorder.

– You co-residents are what actually matters when choosing a residency.

I must eat and go to bed. I’m on a 24 hour call tomorrow. For those unaware, call, in OB/GYN at least, actually means “work.” If you would like to bring me a fancy coffee tomorrow, feel free. I’ll be in the same building for 24 hours. In exchange, I can give hospital scrub brushes if you feel like really cleansing your hands well. Or hospital socks with the grippy bottoms. Or a hug and high five.

[Faves = americano from gasoline alley or birch. With milk. The regular kind. I gave up skim dairy products a while ago and am never turning back.]

Full fat is where its at.

That’s all I have for today.

Until next time…

Coffee Tally: 3


One thought on “I Wanted To Be A Millionaire, But….

  1. The piece about the co-residents is the truest statement I have ever read. I doubt the presentation was bad. Make it slightly worse next week and go to the gym in the morning – it is blissful.
    I would bring you coffee but I have to take my cats to the vet and my daughter to a play. Yes, life is actually happening now (!)

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