Brief Observations On The World

The only way I keep up with anything that is going on at all in this world is through Twitter and the Skimm.

With Twitter, its selective reading because sometimes I scroll through my feed and sometimes I don’t.

First, I have a bone to pick with the Bellevue clinic.


If I had Raynaud’s, I wouldn’t be able to type in clinic because my fingers would be blue. However, the sub-zero temps are likely helping me develop more brown fat, which is hopefully good for my overall lifetime metabolism and survival. So, maybe Bellevue is actually doing me a favor.

Anyways, observations on the world through the eyes of a tired resident:

1) Why would you kill a lion?! If you’re looking for a way to make enemies or sink a dental practice, this seems like a sure fire way. You may only be able to recover your reputation in one way, the only way one can in America — Dancing With the Stars.

2) Khloe Kardashian has a fitness closetThis makes me both cringe and stare in awe. First, this is incredibly organized; a fitness closet only Kon Mari would dream of (although she’d likely tell you to rid yourself of 2/3 of the shoes). But, this seems a little excessive; probably more important to put effort into your workout than the closet.

I do like the mini-fridge although mine would be filled with my one true beverage love, La Croix seltzer.

That’s all I’m going to say about the world for now. More later.

Moving on….two things I get asked about a lot.

1) Birth Control: For all things contraception, I refer you to this awesome website –> 

*Fun fact — most doctors have a Mirena

2) Labor and Delivery

People are fascinating by the 1,0001 ways labor and birth can go down.

In a subsequent post, I will give you an initial clinical example and the 1700 ways it could go until baby exits. I have to prep an article and chapter review and, therefore, must end this post.

Finally, if you’re looking to solve your problems, do yourself a favor – go for a 5 mile run. You can solve any problem in a 5 mile run. I promise.

And, thanks, to my best bud, Jocelyn, for always helping me remember how wonderful running, and the friendships it has brought me, is.

Until next time.

Daily Coffee Tally: 4 (That’s more like it….)


2 thoughts on “Brief Observations On The World

  1. My unit is freezing as well – I feel ridiculous wearing a sweatshirt when it’s 90 degrees outside, and even more ridiculous if I ever get a minute to walk outside and forget to take my sweatshirt off, ha.

    That fitness closet is bigger than my apartment.

    I just read the post on KevinMD about emergency c-sections – yiiiiikes. I feel like I’d take a vaginal birth over someone cutting through my bazillion abdominal layers any day. (Says the never pregnant never had a baby woman…)

  2. I’ve self diagnosed myself with Reynaud’s (and shown pictures to my doctor who was like “looks like it”) and it is so annoying. For the most part it only impacts me October through May but then I had an attack early July while eating ice cream! I was happy to deal with the intense joint pain and sudden loss of feeling in my fingers and toes until it impaired by ability to eat ice cream!

    My office is always freezing too. I keep a space heater under my desk which is annoying but at least keeps my blood flowing!

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