Sleep, Self Tanner, and the Sweat Life I Lead

Are you looking for the keys to happiness?

I have found them.

They are sleep and self tanner. Both make you instantly look and feel better.

I highly suggest trying this.

Sunday: The Day of Rest.

Since becoming a resident, I have become worse at resting. This is paradoxical and counter intuitive since my work is exhausting. If I were to be my own psychologist, I would suggest that the reason I do this is two-fold. First, I know my time off is slim to none so when I do have some spare hours I try to squeeze in every.last.thing. Spin! Go to the park! Spend like 2 hours in CVS looking at things I don’t need! Nails! Spending more money I don’t have! Write this blog that likely only a few people read!

Second, I have a life-long habit of not sitting still. This started when I was two and asked to do gymnastics. It continued when I was six and was in probably six different after school activities (thanks, Mom and Dad!), which I thought was the best life a six year old could lead (dance, gymnastics, soccer, tennis, piano — scratch that, I hated the last one). Being a life long athlete, I had a ample opportunity to not sit still. And, now, I run around at work, run around after work, and then crash into bed. Overall, I think this is my coping mechanisms for life’s anxieties, of which I have many, chief among them “matching into fellowship.” Writing those words makes me feel ill and start to sweat. So, yes, I likely seek the sweat life in order to not feel any other feelings other than endorphin fueled happiness.

See, who needs a therapist when you have writing and the internet?!

Sunday is also the day of the ritual I started in residency: the pre-work week pep talk.

Although I’m terrible at resting, my time after 5 pm on a Sunday is fairly relaxed, usually, unless I’m at work. This is because about now is when the “omg, can I make it through another week” starts to kick in.

Residency, like any job, is taxing. It takes a lot out of you – emotionally, physically, mentally. You have to give 100% of yourself all the time – both to learning new information, in taking care of patients, in teach the juniors, in being super detail oriented and conscientious, in trying to impress your attendings, and, overall, just trying to do a damn good job. But, being exhausted sometimes means you just can’t bring 100% to something. As type A as most doctors are, this is frustrating and then, I think, we spend extra emotional energy beating ourselves up over not being 100% perfect all the time. It’s this self induced torture that many of us put ourselves through.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Lack of sleep has made me slightly more relaxed though. I mean, sometimes I only use a one color pen instead of a four color pen.

Jokes aside, the Sunday night pre-work week pep talk is crucial. So, is the walk to work music.

Currently, Lupe Fiasco “The Show Goes On” or “Battle Scars” really hits home. I’m sure you didn’t expect this of me.

Final thoughts: Amongst the overabundance of specialty stores in Manhattan, there has yet to be a specialized seltzer store. This is, truly, a shame and, I believe, a missing hole in the landscape of niche food boutiques.

All I wanted today after I left Jess’ killer TRX/Pilates class was a seltzer over crushed hospital ice.

There’ s a specialty seltzer store drought in Manhattan. And, if this medicine thing doesn’t work out, I’m going to fill it.

Smith’s Seltzers. It has a nice ring to it ,right?

Until next time…

Daily coffee tally: 2.5

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