Little Luxuries

Saturday night…people are probably doing more interesting things than reading this blog.

But, regardless, I just woke up from a 2 hour nap so hard that I have creases on my face. When I looked in the mirror, I first thought “I look like Scar Face.” And, then I remembered I have no idea who Scar Face actually is — a criminal or a movie? But, let’s be honest, the ultimate scar face is none other than Harry Potter.

Days off are these precious gems that residents, like the rest of the working world, live for.

I started doing this “on days off I’m going to exercise as much as possible” habit as an intern and continued to do so despite extreme fatigue and thoughts of doing something more relaxing. [Jaws, you kicked me ass so hard today. Thank you.] As a resident, you get so used to pushing through fatigue that doing it one more day just seems normal. [Plus, I love exercising and all the classes that I do that I have a hard time saying no to something!] Can’t stop, won’t stop. This is not healthy, I’m sure, and it has been suggested to me that this is a coping mechanism for dealing with anxiety and other worries.

It likely is. But, better exercise than drugs or alcohol, right?

The nap had me thinking about little luxuries. Here’s a list:

1) Naps

[I feel like sleep is a figment of the New Yorker’s imagination.]

2) Long Showers.

[I even exfoliated and used self tanner today. It was what my friend Erika calls a “big dog shower.” Gotta look great under those scrubs, you know?]

3) Fancy Coffee

[They finally opened a Birch Coffee two blocks from me. I am thrilled as the fancy coffee options in this area left much to be desired. More on fancy coffee at a later date.]

4) Fancy Candles

[I bought a geranium mint LAFCO candle today in a big moment of weakness. However, I haven’t regretted it, yet.]

5) Boutique Exercise Classes

[This is my real weakness.]

6) Ordering on Seamless

[This is more of a necessity than a luxury for those of us not culinarily inclined.]

7) Mani-Pedis

[Although the NY Times article this year made me think twice….]

8) A Cleaning Lady

[This has changed my life. It has freed up about 3-4 hours out of my week.]

9) Being Showered and In Bed With Clean Sheets.

[If cleanliness is next to Godliness then this is like sitting on the God’s hand opposite of Jesus.]

Speaking of cleaning and laundry, a lot of my patients in the clinic at Bellevue have the BEST smelling clothes. Most of them are Hispanic. I have been dying to ask one of them what detergent they use. I have yet to do so for fear they will be like “My doctor did my pap smear…and then she asked me for my detergent?” I mean, it smells so good I want them to write it down for me.

If you’re wondering, I use Tide with Febreze, currently. It, too, smells nice. I think clean clothes do, in general.

Night Night.

Until Next time.

Daily Coffee Tally: 3 (two americanos and one small iced)

3 thoughts on “Little Luxuries

  1. My guess is Sauvitel. You’ll find it the baby aisle rather than the detergent section of your grocery store. And you probably won’t find it at whole foods because it takes a million chemicals to smell that good.

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