Senior Resident

I just prepared a presentation for tomorrow. The concept in the article (cerebroplacental ration predicting adverse perinatal outcomes) at first involved some diagrams to understand the metric (see yesterday’s post), but once I understood what CPR meant it was actually a good article to read. More words than numbers. And nice tables.

I remember when I was an intern and I listened to the third years (my current year) give their article presentations, I thought they knew so. much. I couldn’t fathom how I could ever know as much as they did because I was still trying to get a cervical exam right (i.e. that thing people measure with their hands in labor to tell you when its time to have the baby or not have the baby).

I’m still sort of grasping this whole “I’m a senior resident” thing. I still feel like I was an intern yesterday and realized I have learned a lot, but that there is still so much more to know. You can quote me on that. Stitch it on a sampler. Realizing you don’t know everything? Deep thoughts, I know.

Speaking of deep thoughts, today was National Hot Dog Day. I did not partake. Again, the timing and spacing of these food holiday celebrations needs to be addressed. Who do I take this up with? Obama?

I found out that Donald Trump is doing some really ridiculous things – like giving cell phone numbers out on national television. Jon Stewart is really retiring at the wrong time.

Daily Thought: Don’t underestimate the comfort of a workout onesie.

Night Night

Until next time…

Daily Coffee Tally: 2


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