16 Patients


Booking clinic was not as bad as expected. I think we saw 8-10 patients (me and my chief resident). We were able to finish by 1 pm, which was good (since the next clinic panels start at 1. I hope my preparation helped. Next week, there are 16 patients scheduled for booking. That seems absurd.

For those not in medicine, booking a patient for surgery can be a long visit. You have to make sure the patient is worked up properly, talk with and examine the patient, determine the surgery they are to have and the mode of such (i.e. minimally invasive, open, etc etc) and then discuss all the risks/benefits/alternatives of that surgery. Then, you have to find a date for them and make sure they get the appropriate pre-op appointments, labs, etc.

It is a lot of check boxes. It is simultaneously type A’s dream and nightmare.

So, 16 patients next week in 3 hours seems like a really…overwhelming and slightly impossible task for one booking panel. My shoulders are creeping up to me ears with tension just as I think about it.

An interesting post about waiting for the doctor: http://raphafamilywellness.com/blog/2013/9/18/why-in-thedoes-a-doctor-schedule-an-appointment-for-240-and-keep-my-ass-in-the-waiting-room-for-at-least-30-minutes

Your thoughts?

Apparently, today was National Junk Food Day. A few days ago it was National Ice Cream. I think we should really space out the scheduling of these “holidays.”

In fact, with the state of obesity in the nation, we probably shouldn’t encourage celebration of sugar.

Speaking of sugar, watch Katie Couric’s documentary, “Fed Up.”

Finally, in my quest for the perfect notebook, I found this cool furniture site: School House Electric and Supply company. I love the industrial desk. And, you know, iPhones are cool and all, but I’m still into pen and paper. If you want to buy my love, you can buy me this weekly schedule notepad.

I’m going to go read about HPV now.

Night night.

Coffee tally for the day: 1.5 (WHO AM I ?)


2 thoughts on “16 Patients

  1. My first thought on that article was actually that someone who had smoked her entire life does not have lung cancer “come up as suddenly as a Spring rain.” I understand the point that the Dr. was trying to make, maybe, was that she had no other symptoms at that moment, but still. Smoked her entire life.

    Now that you think I’m heartless, as a veterinarian, I am constantly battling the waiting room – on a busy day, if someone is late for their appointment or we had a walk-in rabies vaccine that turned into a whole allergic skin discussion, or an emergency rushed in, we can definitely get behind. I do my best to have people notified, greet them and let them know, but can appreciate their tight lipped smiles when they say “it’s ok” as I’ve been on the other side of it myself as a human patient.

  2. I feel like the medical world is so different from everything else (except maybe airlines because they seem to be able to get away with so much with an explanation – this is a poor comparison), and people can’t really understand it. Everyone wants time with the doctor when they need it, but sometimes this means running over into other people’s time and then making people wait. Or people are late for their appointment (!!) and then mess up everyone else. There’s a million reasons why things take longer than they do, and I like to think that it’s rarely because the doctor has a malicious intent to make their patients wait, but more so because there’s so much to do in so little time but somehow you must provide super high patient satisfaction scores or else you won’t get reimbursed for your work. It’s rough.

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