Some Friday Finds and Reads

I’m contemplating writing a “What to Expect: Labor and Delivery #keepingitreal” post, but, in the mean time, here are some good reads related to OB/GYN, a little something I spend some time doing. 80 hours a week that is. 

“When a Placenta Tries To Kill A Mother.” – A piece from The Atlantic highlighting C-sections and the risk of placenta accreta (i.e. when the placenta attaches into parts of the uterus that it shouldn’t). Why our national C-section rate of approximately 30% shouldn’t be ignored…

A string of beautiful, brave posts from my friend, Gia, on her fertility story, in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle leading to beautiful now 3 year old twins, and her recent frozen embryo transfer leading to a heartbreaking “biochemical” pregnancy (i.e. positive pregnancy test but never a pregnancy in the uterus): 

     Infertility and the Choice for IVF

     The IVF Cycles: A Fail and a Success

     The Choice for Twins, Frozen Embryos, and OHSS

    My Journey 3 Years Later: Let’s Thaw Some Embryos

    And then there wasn’t…

The Obesity and Pregnancy Dilemma – highlighting our fast food nation is affecting everything from fertility to C-section rates (and see sequelae from that above!)

Posts from an ER chief resident who, at 24 weeks pregnant, finds out she has a shortened cervix  (i.e. the cervix is what must shorten and dilate in labor to have a baby, not something you want to have at 24 weeks) and is put on bed rest. 

Finally, if you want to really know what it’s like to be an OB/GYN resident… look no further than this 🙂 –>

To balance out the obstetrics, lady-parts heavy talk above, here are a few of my favorite things lately that have nothing to do with a uterus or cervix. 

The Lux Side Zip Top from Oiselle : The fabric is like butter and I like the cut. 



Maria Castelli Handbags  : A company founded by one of my friends (since 4th grade) and her mom! Made from Argentinian leather (they’re from Argentina) and made by hand in Brooklyn. 


Heidi Klum for New Balance 420s: They look good to walk around in this summer, if summer ever arrives. 





And, now, it is bedtime…

Until next time…

5 thoughts on “Some Friday Finds and Reads

  1. Please post more OB stuff! I’m almost 37 weeks with my 4th and every day I have more and more questions…you would think I would know what I was doing at this point…

  2. Love your blog!! I’m a 4th year med student about to begin intern year, and was just wondering – do you wear any type of compression socks/support hose to work with all of the standing every day? If so, what kind do you like? Thanks!!

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