Living On The Wild Side

Almost – 28 years and I’ve finally found that wild streak that I was supposed to have in my teens…

[Of note, I’ve always been a general homebody and fear a “bad reputation” or “getting in trouble” like the plague or Ebola virus. My parents never set a curfew for me in high school because they knew I’d be home by a decent hour because I like to sleep. Always a schedule to maintain! Because being 17 was really tough with that “homework” done while watching TV….]

I’m taking a test next week that I haven’t studied for.

Step 1 studying…the good ol' days...

Step 1 studying…the good ol’ days…

I’m running a half marathon in two weeks and haven’t run over 7 miles at one time since…the marathon!


[I am, however, experimenting with what I’m calling the SoulCycle training plan. I’ll report back about how well that worked. ]

Next, I plan on doing something really crazy – like trying unpasteurized cheese.

For a brief overview of the SoulCycle “training plan,” suffice it to say I’ve done a lot of classes and done a good bit of “doubles” to count as “long runs.” It remains to be seen if this helps maintain running fitness. I really just trying to make it through this half marathon (Miami! With Gia! And KScott!) rather than race it so I think my “training” should work for that purpose.  I do think SoulCycle helps maintain aerobic fitness, stimulates the neuromuscular system because the pace is usually quick, and is a good core workout because you have to support yourself out of the saddle so much.

I'm pretty sure the grapefruit candle  has some sort addictive scent that keeps you coming back...

I’m pretty sure the grapefruit candle has some sort addictive scent that keeps you coming back…

If you’re curious, my fave instructors as of late (there are many I like) are Jaws, Sydney, and Bethany.

Jaws’ class is full of really good technical corrections so you get the most out of it and has a good baseline level of resistance so you always feel like you’re working. She usually has one song that you jog the whole time and its feels like 1k repeats to me. She also rides the whole class (which is super tough) so I’m always very inspired to keep working really hard since she’s doing the same thing AND talking.

Sydney’s class usually has something new and different (big hill with a sprint in it and then using the weights on the hill) and her energy is fantastic. She’s having so much fun that you’re having fun. She’ll push you really hard but you’ll be smiling the entire time. It’s awesome.

Bethany’s classes are always emotionally on point. One time she played Kris Allen’s “Live Like You’re Dying” and I’ve never felt more inspired to like…live life…and stuff. Maybe I was just really tired and hit me. Regardless, Bethany’s classes are hard, the cues are on point, and one time I wanted to scream “I LOVE EXERCISE” after her class I was on such an endorphin high. I refrained.

[On another note, being on nights for a month will make you super emotional and want to scream things like “I LOVE EXERCISE” in a room full of strangers.]

[For the public record, I’ve taken one of Akin’s classes and it was the hardest arm series ever. I’m also a big Danny, Ben T, and Madison but haven’t taken them in a while.]

Plus, during a polar vortex, SoulCycle is warm!

Anyways, that’s all for now.


Until next time..



9 thoughts on “Living On The Wild Side

  1. My parents never “set” a curfew for me either…not just because they trusted me to make good decisions, but I liked being in bed early and still do. I wish we had something similar to SoulCycle around Knoxville. I take a really great class at Fort Sanders on Monday nights and will sometimes take a class at the gym at UTK but those instructors are always terrible.

  2. I’m definitely a homebody! I tried the equivalent of a “soul cycle” fitness plan last spring for the Nike women’s half and I found that although it didn’t work quite as well as training normally, it allowed me to have a good race, a fun day, and spend lots of cold indoor mornings at spin so overall a win!

  3. I tried to rebel a little when I was a teenager, but my parents were really strict so I got in so much trouble when I got caught doing something wrong, it really wasn’t worth it! Now I am such a homebody. My husband and I didn’t even go out on New Years this year, and loved it!

  4. Good luck with the half! You will be fine and I bet you’ll be surprised with how well your soul cycle training serves you. I’ve been riding on the trainer at home a lot post baby and while it is nowhere near as fun or challenging as soul cycle sounds, it is still a good workout for me 🙂

    I was/am a huge homebody with exception of 1.5 years in college when I got all my wild child out :).

  5. Definitely a homebody; was never the wild child. Favorite spin class/instructors are Ryan and Danielle at Flywheel. Best of luck in Miami! I have no doubt you will do great; as always! Keep up the great work Meggie. I’ve never seen someone rock their first year of residency and life so well before. You’re amazing, girl! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m a huge Ben T. fan too! Interested to hear how your Soulcycle training plan works out…my mileage suffered last year, but I found I was always able to hop right back on the bike. I’m hoping that helps when I ramp up my running soon. Good luck in Miami!

  7. My parents never set a curfew either. I was always too busy with theatre or school or something.
    A spin studio just opened near my boyfriend’s place, so we’ve made it a weekly occurrence to take the Saturday morning class.

    Also, you are rocking the residency/life balance! Good luck in Miami!

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