New Year’s Goals

I’m not really into resolutions because I like to think you can resolve to change something your life that you don’t like at any point in time. Plus, I like most things in my life and resolving to “eat less ice cream” or “waste less time on the internet” has a 99% probability of leading to failure.

So, here are goals…things I think I can actually work on and achieve in the next year.

RUNNING: Run the Brooklyn Half with my co-resident Meagan (and others), Run the NYC Marathon. Because running is fun and running with friends is even better.

OTHER FITNESS: Play tennis. Just for kicks.

OTHER FITNESS: Stop feeling guilty about spending money at SoulCycle. 2 years in and it appears I’m more addicted than ever. It makes me happy. I’d rather spend my money on that than….I’m not sure. But, I should just stop pretending like I can stop taking classes there, especially in the winter.

PROFESSIONAL: Economy of motion in the OR. Because taking 3 million hours in between steps screams “intern.”

PERSONAL: Learn to put my contacts in. I’ve got 365 days to overcome my own instinct to slam shut my eyes whenever I try.

Dreaming big this year, folks!


Until next time…



5 thoughts on “New Year’s Goals

  1. Swim, Bike and Yoga at least once a week each to balance out the running – stay healthy, run Boston and enjoy every moment!

  2. I’m like you… not really into resolutions, but I like goals. My running goal is to have purpose behind every run and strength session, stay level headed and patient while getting my fitness back, and work towards being in PR shape in every race distance in the next year!

    And… HAHA! Your personal contacts goal is killing me! so funny! You can do it! It took me many hours, over a few weeks but I finally got it (and that was in 7th grade) so I know you can do it!

  3. It totally took me a full month to get my contacts IN and then back OUT easily. I had many a sweaty morning with really red eyes. You can do it! Happy 2014!

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