Lessons From Intern Year: Beyond the Checkbox

Things I’ve learned thus far….


All pens were not created equal and pen needs may change dependent upon what service you are on, at least in my case. I highly suggest those four color pens. I put discharge stuff in green (green means go ie going home), critical stuff in red, daily stuff in blue, vitals in black. However, if you’re rounding and not able to write on a surface, this pen isn’t great and you need a gel pen that you can write with easily while not on a hard surface.

For more on pen-ology: see this regarding the search for the one true pen. 


Most people aren’t into this but I learned it from peds residents as a student. I like having all of my lists hole punched and on a binder ring so they are all together.

So, between my perfect pen hooked onto my ID lanyard and my binder ring, I don’t look like a nerd at all each day.


Yes, even if you’ve had 8 years of higher education, simple things can be really difficult. Like a patient in the OR or not having cord blood spray on your attending.


You’re going to walk a lot. If you’re not in good shape, start spending all day on your feet as soon as possible.

Proof: My FitBit – I walked three miles at work the other day!


You never know when hunger and/or opportunity to eat may strike. Come prepared.

My fave snacks are Picky Bars. Shocking, right?!


Stickering Picky Bars when they had the old sticker labels….

I would like to take this moment to remind everyone that I was Picky Bars first online customer, which remains one of my favorite facts about myself. Why? Because if Picky Bars ever has an IPO, I’m using this bit of info for first dibs on those shares.

So, in honor of my THREE YEAR customer-iversary and my TWO YEAR Picky Club-iversary, I’ve having a little giveaway. 

For a 10 box of Picky Bars in the flavor of your choice!


1. Comment here telling me the next flavor you’d dream up for Picky Bars. I’ve been preaching a almond butter based bar with coconut in it for years. No one has listened. My 2nd suggestion is ginger. Lauren, are you listening?!

2. Follow @pickybars (and tell me here) and tweet what your fave flavor is to them using the hashtags #pickypower #pickylegacy

3. Follow @pickybars on instagram (and tell me here)

4. Follow @pickybars on pinterest (and tell me here)

5. Like Picky Bars on Facebook

Get to work, folks!

I almost just signed this post “R1 Smith, Discussed with Attending Dr.___” which is when you know work has really taken over your brain.

Until next time….



95 thoughts on “Lessons From Intern Year: Beyond the Checkbox

  1. i would love an almond butter/coconut bar too! i don’t eat oats…so something with lots of nuts, seeds, coconut, coconut oil, chia seeds, coffee, cacao nibs?

  2. i follow them on twitter, but have never tried a bar…so i tweeted at them to 2nd your almond butter/coconut combo! let’s get it done!

  3. i would love to see coconut too – maybe cinnamon coconut? or honey cinnamon? i love me some peanut butter, too – a peanut butter hazelnut chocolate bar would be amazing.

    also, did all the other stuff too!

    p.s. keep kicking butt in intern year! it’s always encouraging to hear stories of interns learning, surviving, figuring it out. i’ll be there soon enough myself!

  4. Seriously. You are so smart! Coconut&almond butter would be awesome!!! I also liked them on Facebook (duh! Why haven’t I done that before!?!) and I followed them on Pinterest. My current fave is Lauren’s Mega Nuts. Just registered for my first half, so I could use some Picky-power!!!

  5. Dream picky flavor? Ginger is a super suggestion. Also thinking something with cherries, or something that tastes like Christmas – with cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and nutmeg!

  6. Mmm Picky Bars are my favorite. And now they sell them at REI, so I can go stock up all the time, and earn dividend $$ for them.

    Ideal Picky Bar flavor must involve banana. Or chocolate and peppermint

  7. Oh, and congratulations on reaching the almost-halfway point in intern year. Sounds like you’re rocking it! Now that I’ve been on the other side of training for a bit (attending pathologist for 4 years), I have come to really appreciate the qualities a good resident can bring to a service: Organization, initiative, and being able to get through work efficiently.

  8. Something ginger + honey flavored would be amazing! Especially post-run.

    Also, love the binder ring tip–I just bought one to keep important papers handy when I’m on the road (sales life!).

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