NYC Marathon “Prep”

Seeing as the NYC Marathon is this weekend, it would be a logical time to really start thinking about “prepping” and “race day.” (It starts at 9:40 am, right?)

One wonderful thing about residency is that it puts the rest of your life into perspective. My residency “world” continues at a blazing pace irrespective of any impending marathon. And, truly, in my “new world,” the marathon is just my weekend activity- some of my co-residents are on call, others are getting married, others have kids and Halloween candy to eat. For me, the marathon is just a really cool, hopefully fun 4 hour-ish blip on the radar in a very packed week (as most weeks are).

Anyways, if I had to think about my prep in any way, shape, or form for Sunday, here it is in list form, naturally. (Interns bow down to the holy list and holy check box.)

Here are ways in which I will NOT be preparing for the NYC Marathon:

– STAYING OFF MY FEET: If I did so, I would not be able to do my job. I really need to get that fit bit to see how much I walk at work.

– BEING WELL RESTED: This statement is not compatible with being an intern.

– DRINKING MORE WATER: I’m going to try, but drinking more also means you need to pee more which is 2 minutes more out of your day. Sometimes, 2 minutes is hard to come by. Seriously.

– DRINKING LESS CAFFEINE: Caffeine is non-negotiable in my life.

Here are ways in which I will be preparing:

– EATING AT MORE FREQUENT INTERVALS LATER IN THE WEEK: Eating what remains the question as I’m usually touching a key board or the inside of a vagina (GLOVED HAND, that is) and therefore don’t like to touch anything with my hands.

– TRYING TO DRINK MORE WATER: I’ll give it the ol’ college try…

– CHOOSING SLEEP OVER A RUN: Like tonight, where I am exhausted from the whirlwhind of many deliveries yesterday and generally just having a fairly physically demanding job. I left at 6:30, will be back in likely at 4:30 so sleep > short run…

I won’t be gunning for a PR or BQ Sunday because that’s not the point of this marathon to me.

I wanted to do this to raise awareness for Every Mother Counts. Plain and simple.

There is no race plan, no goal time (other than finishing), no strategy.

Generally, the only stress I feel is:

1) Am I trained enough to even do this with my “moderate, play it by ear” training? Will I need to drop out?

2) Will I be able to walk Monday?

3) Have a truly lost my mind?

I’m banking on the fact that I ran 2 marathons in the past year (making this the 3rd in 18 months). Hopefully, that whole consistency or “mileage” base concept will come into play Sunday.

And, I’m also banking on the fact that I will do almost anything for a milkshake or cupcake (or, let’s get real, entire cake) which I have promised myself afterwards.

So, here goes nothing!

To learn more about Every Mother Counts –>

My fundraiser –>

Until next time…

(Special thanks to Gia for encouraging me throughout this whole “training cycle” and believing in me – can’t wait to run with you on Sunday!)

One thought on “NYC Marathon “Prep”

  1. You put all interns to shame, Meggie! Have fun on Sunday. I’ll be post-call, but hopefully will see your shining face at the finish line in my dreams.

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